Raquel Pedraza Tennis Player Profile

Raquel Pedraza

Tennis pro-Raquel Pedraza has participated in a range of singles & mixed doubles competitions during her career. She is also well known for being Taylor Fritz’s ex-wife, a professional tennis player. Learn more about Raquel by reading on.

Early Life

Raquel Pedraza first saw this stunningly beautiful planet on January 28, 1998. She had been born in Fountain Valley, a city in the U.s.a. In 2022, Raquel would be 24 years old. Aquarius is the sign of the ram on her full birthday. Raquel commemorates her birthday on January 28 of each year. She was raised in the same house as her older brother. Her brother is quite a professional tennis player. Raquel is of mixed descent and holds two citizenship. His mother is from the United States, although her father is from Mexico and speaks both English and Spanish. She is a practicing Christian who also follows other religions.


Raquel mostly attended a private Christian school for her schooling. Her parents ultimately decided she should finish school at home so she could focus more on tennis. She subsequently started homeschooling and focused on tennis.


With a height of 5 feet 9 inches, Raquel is perhaps a tall woman. Considering her height, her estimated bodyweight is around 67 kg. She also has beautiful blonde hair and stunning brown eyes. 


Tennis professional Raquel plays the sport. Tennis is Taylor’s profession, and he used to be married to Raquel. Taylor picked up tennis at an early age. In the 2013 Junior US Open, he started to routinely compete on the ITF Circuit. He achieved his first Grade A victory in the 2014 Osaka Mayor’s Cup. After getting to the boys single, he lost the game. However, he did exact revenge by beating Paul in the 2015 US Open boys’ singles championship final.

Taylor Harry Fritz, Raquel’s longtime partner, and she were previously married. Taylor makes a game of living playing tennis. The two have to be acquainted from their prior employment. After all, they are both tennis players. They dated for a while and then decided to go further. In front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, Raquel proposes to Taylor in 2016.

Similar to that, they ultimately said “I do” on July 7, 2016. The village’s Presbyterian Church traditionally officiated the wedding. After some time in their marriage, the pair decided to separate. They are currently living quite different lifestyles. Fritz had to visit the operation room since he required knee surgery. He had to take it easy for 4 to 6 weeks following the treatment as a result. After some time has passed, he will fully recuperate from the injuries and be ready to participate in his next game.

Does Raquel Pedraza have kids? 

There is a kid between Raquel & her ex-husband Taylor. In January 2017, while the couple was both 19 years old, Jordan Pedraza Fritz has been born.

Raquel Pedraza’s dating life after the divorce

Raquel, who is single right now, is more concerned with advancing her profession than finding a partner. She hasn’t been spotted dating or out in public since she and her ex-husband Taylor got divorced. She prioritizes her profession and her children above all else. Raquel is currently focused on her work. She feels the same way about enjoying leisure time alongside her loved ones.

Is tennis player Raquel Pedraza still active? 

Tennis won’t be played by Raquell for the foreseeable being. After having birth to a child, she took a brief break from tennis. Right now, she spends most of her time raising her kid.

Net worth

Raquel must make a good living by playing tennis. Some sources claim that the typical match fee for just any female tennis player mostly in the United States is around $1,940. Raquel must make equivalent money from her acting career. Raquel Pedraza has a similarly lavish and pleasant lifestyle while residing in a sizable estate. She receives sponsorship from several businesses and generates a sizable income from her official Instagram postings. Adding to her professional career, she also makes extra money from sponsorship, commercials, and brand endorsements.

Taylor Fritz Net Worth

As of 2022, it is estimated that the net worth of her ex-husband, Taylor Fritz will be around $3 million. That kind of money was made available to him thanks to his tennis career. Taylor, on the other hand, makes a sizable income through sponsors and commercials. His annual wage represents the total of his wealth. Because of his fortune, he and his family can lead opulent lives in America.

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