Outdoor Banners – Try These Design Ideas for Effective Business Marketing

Outdoor Banners

Banners can take your marketing efforts to the next level if designed professionally. Besides the basic design components, you need to personalize the color, font, visuals, and of course the brand message to promote your products or services. You’ll need only a few seconds to impress your potential customers with a custom banner design. According to an article published in Huffington Post, visual banners are extremely appealing to market your products at a venue to grab the attention of a large crowd.

So, in this article, we will walk you through designing eye-catching banners for your upcoming trade show or event.

Choose colors and contrast carefully

When you want to design a standing display, besides colors, you need to consider contrast. The common notion is vivid colors create a contrast to attract people’s attention. To find the best colors, look for the color wheel on Google and pick out the colors that lie opposite to one another for maximum contrast.

Again, the colors placed adjacent to one another build a better soothing effect, and that’s not your key objective why you want a banner. The other factor is quality and you need to pick the best-quality banner printing for superlative effects.

Consider the perfect font size and style

When it comes to your trade show or event banner, the choice of font is essential. When considering fonts, understand people will look at the display from a distance. And the text should be legible. So, before you work on the font size and style on the editing apps, it’s prudent to visit the place where you want to set up the custom banner to understand the approximate viewing distance.

The rule is to keep the letters at least 10 inches high for every 100 feet of people’s visibility. If you want to hang a banner using grommets, factor in four anchor points so that you can tie the rope to it with ease.

Keep the design simple

Just because you are promoting your products or services at a trade show, it does not mean that you need to design a flashy banner. Keep things simple to make your advertising effective. When people visit a trade show, they want to read the banner without any distractions from colors and overly complicated messages.

Simple banners with minimalist designs make your personalized banner pop. Your targeted customers should be able to understand the crux of the brand or product message by reading it within a few seconds. There is no point in confusing your target audience with too many colors, graphics, and text.

Don’t forget the call to action

Your banner design is not complete if you don’t include a relevant and powerful call to action. Write the CTA copy in few words as possible to highlight the key message of your business or the products you’re launching. Keep the CTA short and simple.


Now that you have these banner design ideas in front of you, implement them to make your brand stand out in the crowd.

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