Orlando Bloom: Interesting Facts About “Legolas”

Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom is a popular British actor who is most famous for playing the Elvish prince Legolas in The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit movies. Orlando Bloom is known for his good looks, charisma, and great acting skills.

Here Are Some Interesting Facts About Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom’s mother was born in India

The biography of Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom began in January 1977 (zodiac sign – Capricorn) in Canterbury, an ancient British city in Kent. Mother was born in Calcutta, ran her language school in Canterbury, and wrote books.

Orlando Bloom loved art as a kid

Orlando, already in childhood, began to be drawn to art, which was encouraged by his mother in every possible way. From her, her son inherited a love for theater and learning languages. He also loved horses and over time learned to ride well in the saddle.

Orlando Bloom started doing theatre as a teenager

Already at school, young Bloom appeared on the stage, playing various roles in amateur performances. At the age of 16, the young man was incredibly lucky: he went to London, where he appeared on the stage of the National Youth Theater for two seasons.

For his performance in his youth, Orlando received a grant for a year of study at the prestigious British American Academy of Dramatic Art. It was here that his creative biography began. The performer appeared in the production of “A Walk in the Vienna Woods” and made the final decision to become an actor. For this purpose, he hired an agent.

Orlando Bloom made his movie debut in 1996

Like most of his colleagues, Bloom made his debut in a cameo role. It was the series “Accident”, released in 1996. A year later, the actor was again entrusted with an episode, this time in the acclaimed full-length film Wilde, where the key characters were played by Jude Law and Stephen Fry. Bloom appeared in a cameo role, but was happy about it too, because it was the first time that he appeared in the same project with real Hollywood stars.

Orlando Bloom was initially selected to play Faramir

Orlando Bloom as Legolas in The Lord Of The Rings

Over the next three years, Orlando improved his skills at the Guildhall School of Music and Theater. In his final year, the actor managed to successfully audition for the role of Faramir in Peter Jackson’s grandiose project The Lord of the Rings. To Bloom’s great joy, he was allowed to embody a more significant hero – the elf prince Legolas. The grueling filming took place in New Zealand and lasted more than a year and a half.

Orlando Bloom did a lot of his stunts in the Lord Of The Rings

The actor starred in the film immediately after graduating from the drama academy, so he felt constrained among the recognized masters Viggo Mortensen and Ian McKellen. He performed all the stunts during filming on his own – partly because he loved extreme sports, partly to prove his worth to himself and those around him. While performing one of the tricks, Bloom broke a rib, which, fortunately, did not affect the further game.

Orlando Bloom has an Elvish tattoo on his hand

After filming was completed, the entire group decided to perpetuate the memory of this project by having a symbol tattooed on their bodies in the form of a symbol representing “9” in the Elvish language, according to the number of members of the brotherhood. For a small drawing, Bloom selected an area on the lower part of his hand, the same one with which he held his weapon.

Orlando Bloom is a Buddhist

The Hollywood star has always received close attention from the media. It is known that Orlando is a Buddhist. The actor pays great attention to environmental issues. He equipped his house in London with solar panels. The artist also loves animals and, during the filming of the film “Kingdom of Heaven,” sheltered a half-mongrel he rescued, which he named Sidi.

Orlando Bloom has had numerous high profile girlfriends

Orlando Bloom’s personal life is often discussed in the press. For five years, the actor was linked to Kate Bosworth. They were introduced by mutual friends. The relationship ended in 2006.

The star is also credited with many other novels. Along with Bloom’s name, the equally famous Uma Thurman, Kirsten Dunst, Sienna Miller, Penelope Cruz, and Naomie Harris are remembered. One day, the paparazzi took photos from Orlando’s vacation with Jennifer Aniston in Mexico City.

Orlando Bloom was married to Miranda Kerr

Orlando Bloom with Miranda Kerr

In 2010, the actor married the famous Australian model Miranda Kerr. At the very beginning of 2011, the couple had a son, Flynn. Celebrity fans remember the fashion model’s appearance at the Victoria’s Secret show in the same year as a live performance by Maroon 5 – everyone noticed how Bloom stood up and began applauding as his wife walked down the catwalk. But the appearance of the first child did not save the marriage – in 2013, the husband and wife filed for divorce.

Orlando Bloom fought with Justin Bieber

In 2014, the most discussed news of the summer was the fight between Bloom and Justin Bieber. The conflict occurred in Ibiza, in a restaurant where many representatives of the celebrity world gathered that evening. None of the stars named the reason for the clash, which gave reporters and fans room for speculation. Many concluded that the brawl happened because of Miranda Kerr, who allegedly had an affair with Bieber while still in the status of Orlando’s legal wife. It was also rumored that Bloom was courting Selena Gomez, who was dating Bieber at that time.

Orlando Bloom is with Katy Perry

In 2016, Orlando began dating Katy Perry. The couple met at a party after the Golden Globe Awards. Later in an interview, Bloom admitted that he paid attention to the singer even at the ceremony itself, when he was on stage, and took the initiative. The celebrity relationship developed rapidly, but already in 2017, the actor and singer broke up. In the summer, the Hollywood womanizer was seen in the company of Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili, who lives in Paris. A couple walking along the streets of the French capital was repeatedly spotted by reporters.

But it seems that Bloom and Perry, having rested a little, realized that they were made for each other and decided to try again. Orlando began to appear more often at social parties with Katie. Soon the couple was already appearing openly in public – the media was full of new photos of celebrities caught in different locations.

Orlando Bloom with Katy Perry at an awards function

And in March 2020, Perry delighted her followers with the good news that she was pregnant. The American star announced this event in a tender video, or rather in the video for the song Never Worn White, where she showed off her noticeably enlarged belly. In the video, Katie appeared as a bride; a snow-white outfit with a deep neckline favorably emphasized the performer’s changed shape. Thus, the expectant mother made it clear that she was preparing for a wedding with the star of the films “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Troy”.

Orlando Bloom and Katie Perry wanted to marry in Japan

The lovers had already planned a celebration for the summer; they wanted to get married in Japan. However, the outbreak of coronavirus infection around the world changed their plans. The couple had to temporarily cancel the event, postponing it to a later date. In August of the same year, Bloom and Perry became parents, the girl was named Daisy Dove.

Orlando Bloom has a difficult relationship with Katy Perry

In the summer of 2023, Katie said in an interview that together with Orlando, she decided a few months ago to abstain from alcohol for a while, and also began to lead a healthy lifestyle. This statement prompted the public to speculate that the couple was planning to have a second child. However, Perry emphasized that such actions are simply preparation for a gradual transition to permanently limiting bad habits.

Orlando Bloom himself admitted in an interview in the spring of the same year that after seven years of family life, his relationship with Katy Perry remains difficult.

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