Nick Cannon Net Worth: How Much Does The American Entertainer Make?

Nick Cannon is one of the most popular rappers, actors, and entertainers in America. Nick Cannon is also infamous for making outlandish and controversial statements about race. Even though he earns a lot of money, Nick Cannon’s net worth is surprisingly low.

Here’s Some More Info About Nick Cannon And His Net Worth

Nick Cannon feuded with Eminem 

Eminem’s 2009 album, Relapse, contained a song titled “Bagpipes from Baghdad”, mocking Cannon’s wife, Mariah Carey. Cannon responded via his Twitter account, while Mariah released a song and video titled “Obsessed,” with lyrics and visuals directed at Eminem.

Eminem responded with a mixtape-style song called “The Warning” in which he addressed both Cannon and Carey and then commented that he was done talking about the topic.

Nick Cannon even had a boxing match with Eminem

The feud was believed to be over until September 2010, when Cannon responded with the song “I’m a Slick Rick”, in which he takes shots at Eminem in Slick Rick over the instrumental for Cali’s “Teach Me How to Dougie”. This was followed by a campaign via Facebook, Twitter, and his radio show proposing a boxing match between Eminem and Cannon for charity.

In late September 2011, more than a year after “I’m a Slick Rick” was released, Cannon took another lyrical swipe at Eminem by releasing a song called “I Remember.”

Nick Cannon “forgave” Eminem

On October 3, 2011, Cannon released another song called “Warning (Remix)” featuring Uncle Murda, directed at Eminem, radio host Charlamagne Tha God, and the feud between R&B singer Ray J and rapper Fabolous. The song features Cannon dedicating lyrics to Eminem and an audio clip of Eminem with Tim Westwood in 2009 where he says, “I had no idea Nick Cannon was going to start ‘shit’ me,” referring to Nick Cannon’s Wild ‘n Out’s television show. Cannon responded to the clip by saying, “You said it Marshall, that’s all you have to do!” and that Slim Shady is “forgiven.”

Nick Cannon re-ignited his feud with Eminem in 2016

On June 2, 2016, Cannon had an interview with Tim Westwood. Westwood said, “The last time I saw you, you were getting ready to fight Eminem.” Cannon responded, “I’m still ready! I’m trying to find it. Where is the? …We’re going to be in the United States for the BET Awards. I’m having a battle for $100,000, whoever wants it, but it has to be someone who can put up 100 thousand dollars… I did contact Tyga, but he didn’t want it. I went to the whole Slaughterhouse. I did it like Mortal Kombat, I said I’d take them all. to get to the boss. Throughout the interview, Westwood egged Cannon on, saying, “Nick, you’re the best family. “I don’t think you’ll win against Eminem, but you’re the best in many other ways.” Cannon plays with everything and says: “At least tell him to show up to the game. “I can’t win by default.”

Nick Cannon married pop superstar Mariah Carey

Cannon married singer Mariah Carey on April 30, 2008, at their private property on Windermere Island in The Bahamas. On April 30, 2011, their third wedding anniversary, Carey gave birth to fraternal twins: her daughter Monroe (named after Marilyn Monroe) and her son Moroccan Scott, because Cannon proposed to Carey in her Moroccan-style bedroom; Scott is Cannon’s middle name and her grandmother’s maiden name. Monroe, like her mother, does not have a middle name. After six years of marriage, the couple separated, and Cannon filed for divorce in 2014, which was finalized in 2016.

Nick Cannon had a bitter divorce with Mariah Carey

On June 16, 2016, Cannon poured out his heart in a song titled “Divorce Papers.” He had recently refused to sign divorce papers with his ex-wife Mariah Carey. He also mentioned his father passing away. Cannon used some lines on the track as a response to hate comments he received from Eminem fans, known as “Stans.” He mentions Eminem in a few lines. He said he could relate to the drug life that Eminem had. “Um, I could relate to him right now. Drug habits, all the pain he was in.” The last thing he mentioned in the song was when he talked about himself finally signing the divorce papers. It’s been more than two years and I’m the one who’s been waiting. It’s f****d up that time you spend with your own kids is called “visitation.” Man, fuck it, let’s sign these papers.

Nick Cannon has too many children

In 2015 he began dating Brittany Bell. The couple had a son, Golden “Sagon” Cannon, on February 21, 2017.​ The couple’s second daughter and Cannon’s fourth, Powerful Queen, was born in December 2020. In May 2021, it was announced that he was expecting twins with DJ Abby de la Rosa and another child with Wild N’ Out actress Alyssa Scott.​ On June 14, 2021, his twins were born with Abby de la Rosa, Zion Mixolydian, and Zillion Heir. On June 23, 2021, his seventh child, Zen S. Cannon was born to model Alyssa Scott. In January 2022 he announced that he was going to be a father for the eighth time, this time with Bre Tiesi. His eighth child, Legendary Love, was born on June 28 of that year. In June 2022 it became public that he was going to be a father again with Abby de la Rosa. On September 14, 2022, his ninth daughter, Onyx, was born with Lanisha Cole. In August of that year, it became public that he was going to have another child with Brittany Bell. On September 28, 2022, he welcomed his tenth child, Rise Messiah Cannon, with Brittany Bell, after a difficult birth for which he had to undergo a cesarean section. On November 11, 2022, in a post on his social networks, he announced the birth of his eleventh child, a girl named Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon, and also revealed that he was expecting her twelfth child. On December 28, 2022, he announced that his twelfth child had been born on December 14, a girl he named Halo Marie with Alyssa Scott.

Nick Cannon’s Net Worth is surprisingly low

Nick Cannon has said that he earns over $100 million per year. However, his net worth is just $20 million. He has a lot of overhead costs such as alimony and child support payments which drain his net worth. Nick Cannon has 12 children and it’s very evident that using protection during intercourse would’ve gone a long way in preserving his net worth.

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