Investment In 2022: Best Tools At Your Disposal

Investment In 2022

The world keeps changing every year. The last two years have perhaps been the biggest examples of that in recent memory. Varying social, economic and political factors also result in a constant change in the most profitable investment tools at your disposal. As things stand today, cryptocurrency is riding high on a wave of exponential profit growth and holders have booked massive profits. However, you should also keep the massive price fluctuations in mind before you invest. More on this in the ensuing paragraphs. Let’s get started.

Best Investment Tools In 2022


Although cryptocurrencies are very risky investment tools, they can be the most profitable investment tool when entered at the right time. Unfortunately, those who enter cryptocurrencies at the wrong time can suffer great damage. As of the first 4 months of 2022, the most profitable investment was cryptocurrencies. Below I have shown the profits of cryptocurrencies in the first 4 months. You will be surprised when you see it.

In the past few years, cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, have started to attract a lot of attention. With many people starting to buy Bitcoin, Bitcoin prices have risen as you would not believe.

With the popularity of Bitcoin, many cryptocurrencies (Ethereum, Binance coin, Dogecoin, ekrona, Tether, Cardano, Solana etc.) were produced. Even companies were formed. Some cryptocurrencies also started to gain value in a short time. Bitcoin was one of the most profitable investments. Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are also called altcoins. There are thousands of altcoins available.

Those who invest in cryptocurrencies can have a profit of 500-1000% if they can make a good prediction in advance. Bitcoin no longer has this opportunity, but other cryptocurrencies may.

What you need to know is that investing in cryptocurrencies is risky. Because it is not known whether it is affected by interest rate statements like the dollar, or whether it is affected by inflation. It is not like thinking about which currency to invest in, and choosing the logical one among them, as in the dollar. There are no price movements with certain logics. For now, the criteria you can analyze are not fully settled. The most logical factor; supply and demand.

Therefore, if you are looking for investment advice for bitcoin, I can say that you will not find much advice. It was one of the most profitable investment instruments for a period, but it is not guaranteed that it will always be repeated.

Undoubtedly, coins are among the investment tools of the future thanks to the technology and convenience they bring. We have understood this as the whole world. Of course, most of the coins will go down in the future. But many will also bring very high returns. The important thing is to find coins that have a good project and offer solutions to problems.

When you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, you need to determine a stock market for yourself. Cryptocurrency exchanges exist all over the world. Each exchange is priced in its own way. For this reason, it is important to determine an exchange where you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies with a high trading volume.

What did cryptocurrencies gain?

Bitcoin gained 98% in 4 months, Ethereum 330% and BinanceCoin 1568%. The price of Tether in the 5th place does not increase as it is always a type called stable coin equal to 1 dollar. It is used instead of dollars in the crypto money world.

In this 4-month period, while the price of Bitcoin was at the level of 28 thousand dollars when entering January, it reached the level of 58 thousand when entering May. In other words, if you had invested 28 thousand dollars with bitcoin, one of the most profitable investment tools, your money would have doubled in 4 months.

Ethereum, on the other hand, increased from $ 727 to $ 3000 in 4 months, that is, it almost quadrupled. An investment of 10 thousand dollars would have exceeded 40 thousand dollars.

Binance Coin, which is in third place, increased 17 times from $ 37 to $ 650. Your 10 thousand dollars investment would be 170 thousand dollars.

The one that showed the highest increase was DogeCoin. It has increased 67 times in 4 months. Your 10 thousand dollars investment here would be 670 thousand dollars.

For the first 4 months of 2022, cryptocurrencies have been the most profitable investment tool. However, this does not mean that they are the best investment vehicle or the most sensible investment. Because, as we mentioned above, the best investment varies from person to person. Many people – especially those who are older and adopt traditional investment vehicles – are wary of cryptocurrencies.


Stocks are bought and sold on the stock market. Companies put their shares up for sale and investors buy them from the stock market. When the value of the share increases, they sell it on the stock market. Thus, they make a profit. Moreover, it is not only possible to profit in this way.

When you buy a share of a company, you also become a shareholder in that company, albeit to a very small extent. Therefore, when the company makes a profit, it distributes some of its annual profit to its partners as dividends. Many companies pay annual dividends in the 5-10% range. Therefore, even if you do not sell the shares of the company, you can profit from these dividends.

Many people prefer the stock market for money evaluation. The number of investors in the stock market is not small. The number of stocks is increasing with the new companies established every day, and the number of those trading in the stock market is also increasing. Investors who think which is the best investment follow different sectors and companies.


Forex is short for “Foreign exchange” and means currency trading. Forex is the largest market in the world. This market has a daily trading volume of approximately 7 trillion dollars. Of course, there are some features that cause it to be such a big market. What are these features?

The most prominent feature of Forex is the use of leverage. When it comes to Forex, leverage comes to mind first. So what is leverage?

Leverage is the tool that allows you to enter the trade by multiplying the investment amount. In other words, while you can buy $100 when you have $100, you can trade 100 X 100 = $10,000 in a company that offers 1:100 leverage.

Apart from leverage, the most important feature is that it can be traded 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. While other money markets can be traded during working hours on weekdays, you can trade forex for 24 hours on weekdays. This is because forex is a global market.


Gold is an investment tool that has been used in times of crisis and economic depression throughout history. For this reason, it is known as a safe harbor. Investment experts think that gold investments will always be the most profitable investment in the long run. According to many people, the answer to the question of which is the best investment is gold investment.

When this is the case, those who do not want to risk their investments prefer gold investment. In our country, most of the investments under the pillow are made by buying gold. Because when you ask what is the safest investment, many people will answer it as gold. In recent years, gold prices have increased considerably in our country. It continues to increase every year.

If you want to invest with less risk and long-term prospects, you can choose gold. You can also earn money by buying and selling gold on a short-term basis.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a fund created by banks or portfolio management companies and invested in certain investment products. It is divided into various categories. E.g; stock funds invest in stocks, gold fund trades in gold products. There are even more customized versions. For example, the electric vehicles fund invests in the shares of companies that manufacture electric vehicles or related parts.

If you want someone to buy and sell instead of yourself and manage the money on your behalf, mutual funds are just for you. In mutual funds, you pay a fund management fee of 1-1.5%. This fee goes to the company that manages the fund and is automatically deducted from the fund. Also, the tax will be deducted automatically when you make a profit, but some funds are tax-free for incentives.


Commodity investing may be the best investment vehicle for some investors. Commodity is the name given to products such as gold, silver, natural gas, wheat, coffee and oil that are traded.

All these products are offered to investors by banks and other intermediary institutions and trading transactions are carried out. Of course, when you buy these products from intermediary institutions, you do not buy them physically, you buy them numerically.

You also make a profit or loss from changes in product prices. If you are considering investing in these products, you should identify one or more commodities and learn about the factors that affect the prices of that product.

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