Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal – Your Ultimate Guide

Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal – Your Ultimate Guide

Whether you’re planning on selling your home or just want to improve the way it looks, improving your curb appeal will help. It can provide value and enhance your property’s marketability. When you have an unappealing curb appeal, you’ll be less likely to obtain a higher return on your investment, plus potential buyers may become less interested. That said, boosting your home’s curb appeal is essential.

There are many ways to do this, and the best are discussed below. Read ahead. 

Paint the Exterior

You might not have painted your home in a while. Its exterior is probably full of muck and stains, as a result. 

Unfortunately, having a stained exterior doesn’t only look good on your property. It exposes your home to natural elements, making it unsafe against dust and extreme weather conditions. This is where an exterior painting job comes into play.

Typically, A gallon of paint goes a long way. You can either repaint your house the same color you had before, or you can pick an exciting new shade. Just know that you might benefit from choosing a new color, as the one you currently have may look dated. 

However, if you feel like the painting job requires professional assistance, you can hire experienced and reliable painters in Toronto or within your location to handle it for you. They can do the painting more efficiently, so you can get the most out of your home’s newly painted exterior.

Plant a Tree

Make your house look more “homey”. One of the best ways to do this would be by planting trees. This doesn’t take much work, and you won’t have to spend much money either. 

Also, planting trees will help lower your energy bill. The new improved shade would keep your property cool, so you won’t be blasting your AC as much. When planted in the right location, the trees would also serve as your home’s protection from rain, wind, and other natural elements.

Hence, when planting a tree around your home, make sure the spot you choose has rich soil and plenty of sunlight. That way, the tree will flourish and help improve your curb appeal in the long run.

Include Flower Boxes

Installing flower boxes with beautiful flowers like begonias, coleus, geraniums, petunias, and other similar option is another way to improve your curb appeal that won’t cost much. The flower boxes will add a cozy feel to your property, which is what you want. 

The boxes come in multiple different sizes, designs and styles. Get ones that will complement the look of your home the best. For example, if you have smaller windows, smaller flower boxes can be an ideal option. If your home has bigger windows, using larger boxes can make your exterior more attractive.

Tend to Your Walkways

Many people who try to improve their property’s curb appeal ignore one of the most important aspects of their home’s exterior; their walkway. A dirty walkway is a sight for sore eyes. You can easily clean your walkway with a power washer, thankfully. 

Be sure to clean the concrete leading to your garage as well. It might especially be dirty because of the wheels of your car. 

New Doors and Windows 

Take a look at your doors and windows. Try adding a new coat of paint or varnish to them if you think they can look better. If you’re still not satisfied, it might be time to shell out on a new front entry.

From all the other points on our list, yes, new windows and doors would be the costliest. However, one of the benefits of buying windows directly from manufacturer is that you’ll be getting a considerable discount. 

Being picky about the manufacturer you work with would help you save as well. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors Manufacturer in Edmonton are not only known for their selection of front entries but their affordable rates as well. 

Clean Your Mail Box

Whenever people pass by your house, they will notice all the tiny details. For example, any rust on your mail box. Give your mailbox a good scrub. 

Considering everything that was talked about, there are many ways to improve your property’s curb appeal. From the list, the best would be to paint the exterior of your home. What’s great is, a gallon of paint won’t cost much. It will also go a long way. 

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