How to Make Sure Your Furry Friend Has a Good Summer

Furry Friend

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Your pet may wait at the door until you get home or run around all the rooms while you are watching television. They are often on the move inside the house. They may just become more active during the summer since the cold weather won’t slow them down.

You might have many outdoor plans, such as beach days or park BBQs, but your pets might only be able to go outside for a short time. If your pets have to spend most of their time at home, you need to ensure they are comfortable. Here are some things you can do to make sure your fur baby enjoys the warm weather.

Clean Air Filters

Whether or not you have a pet, it is essential to clean your air filters before summer begins. Professionals that provide air conditioning services in Mississauga will be able to complete the task for you. If you consult a professional, they will be able to identify any other underlying issues as well.

Cleaning air filters is more important for a pet owner because if your dog has fur, they may shed, and the fluff can float into the vent and create a hairy clog. That may affect the temperature, and your home may not get as cool as needed. A clogged filter will also require heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to work harder, increasing energy bills.

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Keep Your Carpet Fresh

If you are a pet owner, you already know the struggles of owning a home where a pet and carpet co-exist. From stains to chewing, your carpet may look completely different from the time you bought it. Since your pet may go outside more during the summer, they will come back with dirt and debris in their paws that will transfer to the carpet.

Your pet will most likely play and sleep on the very same dirty spot. So, it would help if you kept cleaning sprays that take out dirt handy. Along with that, make vacuuming a habit. You may also want to keep an eye on what your pet is eating since food with artificial colour can stain the carpet and be harmful to their health.

Groom Your Pets

If your pet sheds, the air filters might be getting clogged up once the fur gets inside. However, if your pet is well-groomed at all times, not only will they feel light and comfortable, your filters will remain cleaner too due to less shedding. Pawww says, Grooming more also means less space in the fur coat for dirt to get clogged on when they go outside.

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Protect the Outdoor AC Unit

If your air conditioner’s outdoor unit is exposed to your pets, they may “mark their territory” on it, and next thing you know, it becomes their toilet! They may also be curious and use their claws to figure out what the machine is, potentially causing damage to it or hurting themselves. So, you must speak to your HVAC technician and install a small fence that closes off the area without blocking airflow.

Your pet deserves a safe and comfortable home just as much as you. Go the extra mile this summer to make sure your home and a furry friend are both ready to take on the heat.

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