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How to Find Medicines Faster

How to Find Maedicines Faster

There’s no denying that our health services are stretched. Even pre-pandemic, waiting lists were far too long- so once Covid hit, it really pushed everything back. With GPs and hospitals working to reduce the backlog and finally get around to treating the highest priority patients, it’s pushed those they consider being a lower priority further and further back. Getting seen in A&E, getting an appointment in hospital or even seeing your own GP can take time these days, leaving many people uncomfortable, in pain or with worsening health conditions. In some cases, you have no choice but to wait for the medical help you need, but sometimes it’s possible to take a different route. In the case of getting hold of medicines for example, there are a number of ways you can do this without the long wait times. Here are some of the ways you can find medicines faster.

Treat Yourself Over the Counter

There are lots of great over the counter medicines that you can buy without a prescription these days. If you have a minor or temporary illness and need something to treat yourself, it can often be worth seeing what you can purchase over the counter. It’s not just prescription medication that’s effective, there are some excellent products these days to help resolve or alleviate all different kinds of medical conditions. From treating an aching back to simple colds and flus, to ear infections, digestive issues, eye troubles and so much more, you may be surprised at just how well some over the counter treatments work.

Speak to Your Local Pharmacist

Not all pharmacists are able to prescribe stronger medications such as antibiotics and other controlled substances. However, some have been specially trained so will be able to do this without the need to visit your doctor. At the very least, your local pharmacist will point you in the direction of the most effective medication you’re able to buy based on your symptoms, and so they’re worth talking to if you’re not in a medical emergency.

Use an Online Pharmacy

Another option is to choose an online pharmacy with medical advice. This is even more useful than finding a local pharmacist as you don’t need to leave your house. If you’re unwell and don’t have the energy to go out or it simply isn’t convenient then this is a great choice. Legitimate online pharmacies are completely safe so are worth considering as a way to get hold of your medications faster. Online pharmacies can dispense medication that’s stronger than what you can buy over the counter. You can fill in a medical assessment for what you’re after and a qualified doctor can check this over and approve it if it’s suitable for you.

Try a Private Clinic

Depending on what medication you need, you might be able to find a private clinic to dispense this for you. For example, legal and safe weight loss medications can be prescribed by licensed weight loss clinics. Contraception and sexual health medication can be prescribed by a genitourinary medicine clinic. Do some research to find out what you have nearby, and you could attend a private clinic for your medication instead.

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