5 Amazing Ways To Clean Up Your Small Hotel

Amazing Ways To Clean Up Your Small Hotel

Small hotel owners don’t always have enough money to hire full-time cleaners. Sadly, you’ll need to do all the work yourself. That means making sure the rooms and public areas are spotless whenever unoccupied.

It’s not easy unless you have good cleaning skills and equipment. Here is a quick list of tips and tricks to help you finish quicker than ever before, so you will have more time to spend on your most important tasks.

1. Machines Over Manpower

Windsor floor machines will help you clean floors quicker than a wet sponge. Even if you use a mop and bucket, it will take ages to get anything done. Look into using machines instead of manpower whenever possible.

Not only will machines save you time and money, but they could boost longevity. If you bend over to clean up every day, you’ll end up with a damaged back. Try to find good second hand deals if you don’t want to spend much.

2. Use Commercial Products

Vacuums for commercial carpet cleaning will always be more powerful than standard models. Luxury hotels don’t vacuum their floors with the same ones as you. It’s something to think about once you start running a business.

I know you might consider yourself a small hotel, but you’re a commercial business. That means using products designed for businesses like yours. If you speak to a sales rep, you’ll be shown everything available.

3. Invest In Good Chemicals

You must look into chemicals after you’ve researched appliances. If you clean something using soap and water, it might work. Unfortunately, certain stains won’t vanish unless you hit them with something powerful.

Some chemicals are also much healthier for humans to inhale, which is a big deal when running a hotel. You don’t want guests to get sick because of your cleaning products. Do your research before switching brands.

4. Set Up A Proper Schedule

Setting up a proper schedule is the only way to ensure you don’t waste valuable time. It’s okay to accept losing a few minutes here and there, but once everything adds up, it becomes big enough to make a difference.

You should clean rooms as soon as guests check out, so you can forget about them afterward. Set a reminder on your phone when to start cleaning each room based on when guests tell you they’re going to check out.

5. Breaking Everything Down

Do you need to clean behind cabinets every single day? Probably not, but you will need to change the bed sheets and empty the bins. Some things will need to be done daily, whereas others can be spread out over months/years.

Write down a list of things that must be done in each room every day. Come up with a weekly, monthly, bi-yearly, and yearly list too. For example, your bi-yearly list might tell you to change the fire alarm batteries every six months.

You’ll Enjoy Life A Lot More

Once you discover the secret to cleaning your small hotel as fast as possible, you’ll have much more time to yourself. It will give you extra time to spend doing things you love.

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