Glamping: How Camping With Comfort Works


Recently, people living in big cities complain about the high level of stress, pollution, the large number of people and the enormous flow of information. During vacations, people increasingly prefer meditative rest alone with nature rather than excursions to new cities or just playing blackjack online at PlayAmo Canada. That is why one of the trends in recent years is becoming eco-tourism. But what can you do if backpacking, camping and tenting add to the stress of city people who are used to conveniences? Go glamping.

What’s Glamping?

Glamping is a harmonious combination of urban comfort and unspoiled nature. If you see a glass dome on the lakeside, a dozen perfectly white ornamented yurts on the steppe or fairytale-looking houses in the Scottish hills, you can be sure that you are a glamping site.

Glamping has several distinctive features. Let’s label them:

  • Remoteness from civilization. Often the glamping is located in the most beautiful and hard-to-reach place, where you can’t build a hotel. Rarely is it possible to drive up to a glamping on the asphalt. More often it’s possible to get to the glamping only by all-terrain vehicles, helicopters, specially prepared jeeps or snowmobiles.
  • Everything must be authentic. Many glamping organizers strive to capture the flavor of the local culture. If the glamping is on the shore of the North Sea, the interior may contain walrus bone and the menu may include fish and venison. If it’s in the nomadic steppe, the interior will be a stylized yurt and the menu will feature beshbarmak and koumiss. If the glamping is situated in the hinterland of Provence the houses will have a small garden in French style and the guests will be tasting rare cheeses and sauces for a year ahead.
  • Eco-friendliness of the interior and the food. As much as possible, the glamping seeks to keep nature as pristine as possible, and use natural materials for furnishings and utensils. If the climate is cool – most likely there will be beautiful plaids of natural wool. If it’s tropical – wicker chairs and napkins made of palm leaves. Design component in this format of leisure also plays a weighty role.
  • Thoughtful leisure. Often the organizers offer a variety of great adventure activities, from trekking or snowmobile rides to ostrich races or flying on the wings of a dragon.

Types of Glamping


Triangular ball tents and rectangular safari tents, covered in thick cotton, are popular in hot climates. Inside the tent, you create a tropical, oriental or adventure-style comfort, and a wood-burning stove is installed for heating.


Transparent celled spheres are a complete luxury hotel room with a panoramic view. Domes can be found in all climates, but they are especially good for spending the night in the mountains or watching the northern lights.


In the dwellings of nomadic peoples, everything is decorated authentically, respecting the cultural colors. That is why there will be no modern conveniences, but you will have the warmth of a fire, a sauna and a chance to touch the interesting traditions.

Wooden Huts

A-shaped huts have a small area with all the necessary amenities and are often set on a catwalk somewhere in the woods. Eco-friendly and modern, they are suitable for those who want maximum fusion with nature, but are not ready to live in a tent.

Hobbit Huts

For fans of Tolkien and fairy-tale coziness, there are glamping with real huts-norahs, which feature a roof, windows and a round-shaped door. The unusual architecture is accompanied by stylized furniture, the crackle of a live fire in the fireplace, and views of the forest.

Tree Houses

This type of glamping offers not a flimsy playground for children, but a designer wooden cottage, placed at a height. It can have everything from a kitchen to a personal spa, but it retains the same spirit of forest adventure born out of childhood.

Designer Eco Lodges

Glamping, created with the use of environmental technology and futuristic design, characterized by unusual geometry, lots of panoramic windows or even glass walls with a great view of the surrounding nature. The complex often includes its own sauna or swimming pool.

Motorhomes and Trailers

Glamping trailers are reminiscent of the hippie romance, and campgrounds with a Scandinavian bent – small, but full-fledged houses on wheels. These cozy dwellings are easy to move from place to place and can accommodate an entire company.

What Shouldn’t You Expect From Glamping?

First, don’t expect the kind of fun camaraderie and new friendships that you’d find at youth campsites or festivals. Glamping is for those who like peace and comfort; it’s not customary to pry into other people’s spaces, and everyone is fine with superficial contact with those around them.

Secondly, don’t expect that the holiday program in the glamping is cheaper than the rest in the hotel. No, often this format of recreation is even more expensive: no communications in nature are not provided, all the organizers of the glamping have to bring themselves, and the same shower that you do not notice in the city, on the wild rocks is almost impossible to arrange! But it’s done. Food delivery is often possible only by cross-country vehicle or helicopter.

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