Ellen DeGeneres Playfully Reflects on Being ‘Kicked Out’ of Show Business for Being ‘Mean

Ellen DeGeneres has returned to the spotlight with her “Ellen’s Last Stand… Up Tour,” marking her first major public appearance since the cancellation of her talk show amid workplace allegations. The comedian addressed her abrupt departure from show business during a recent gig at the Largo in Los Angeles, where she humorously recounted her downfall, jokingly claiming she was “kicked out” of the industry for being “mean.”

The downfall of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” came after a 2020 Buzzfeed News investigation exposed allegations of racism, intimidation, and sexual misconduct by top producers. Despite issuing apologies and taking responsibility for the toxic work environment, the show never recovered and concluded after 19 seasons.

During her stand-up performance, DeGeneres reflected on how her once-positive image as the “be kind” advocate was tarnished by the scandal. She humorously lamented becoming a “one-dimensional character” known for giving away gifts and dancing, contrasting it with her true persona. DeGeneres acknowledged her shortcomings as a manager, admitting she lacked proper managerial skills and business acumen.

The comedian also referenced her previous setback in 1998 when her sitcom “Ellen” was cancelled after she came out as gay, humorously noting that this was her second expulsion from show business. Despite making light of her experiences, DeGeneres candidly revealed the emotional toll of the ordeal, admitting that it took a long time for her to recover and regain the desire to perform again.

The “Ellen’s Last Stand… Up Tour” marks DeGeneres’ comeback, with performances across the western United States leading up to a taped special for Netflix. Despite the challenges she has faced, DeGeneres remains resilient, using humor to navigate through difficult times and reclaim her place in the entertainment industry.

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