CoD Warzone 2 Map Tips: The six best landing spots for loot, XP, battles

CoD Warzone 2 Map Tips

Players land on the map after falling out of an aircraft and begin plundering selected Points of Interest (points). Players now have great control over where to start each game and what goody they can find. Players may use the list on this page to understand where they want to drop and the danger involved. The benefits and drawbacks of beginning their Warzone trip at various locations, even though not every location is inherently “better” than others. Players will benefit from knowing which sites are the most well-liked and why. Apart from that, if anyone wants more tricks and tips, you can check

The Tips & Tricks


Al Mizrah has a quarry similar to Verdansk, and there is also a lot of loot, weapons, and money to be found there. Though generally adequate to outfit a four-person team, it is unquestionably less than in more thickly populated areas. It is excellent to look around the several warehouses around after landing. Take on a temporary job if necessary to make some cash so that you can complete any gaps in your loadout. You can plan your next moves after observing how the coven evolves from the quarry. Around the quarry, there are a lot of automobiles and other vehicles.


At first sight, it appears strangely similar to the airport that gamers may be acquainted with. Still, there have been some significant alterations that have altered the way that players may interact with one another here. Due to the Southside of the runway facing the lake and being a part of the map that will not be used during significant gameplay, there will be considerably less need to traverse here. As this is an airport, players may anticipate having access to adequate transportation to get to the middle of the map or the Fortress, where they can encounter lone adversaries seeking a battle. To get ready for the subsequent circle shrinkage, players can also travel from here to the observatory or the village of Akhdar.


There may already be a hint of the return of a classic map from the Zaya Observatory perched high above the tallest peak on the whole map. The design resembles the map of the Dome quite a bit. There are several domes and structures in the neighborhood. After all, snipers may get an excellent view from the landing place due to the altitude, weapons, and other amenities. The observatory is the most central location of all. The best conditions exist for a royal victory for those who win here. Everyone else should be able to gain some rapid fighting experience.

Sawah Village

The fourth-best landing site on the list is Sawah Village. Compared to the other areas described above, the bulk of this location is underwater. Thus, mobility there is slower. While it may be a little challenging to see foes in this area, there is plenty of treasure. If you’re lucky, your squad may slip through and compete for the late games from this position.


The multiplayer map for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 may be recognizable. The location is powered by a hydroelectric plant in the center of a historic ruin, which also presents several challenging fighting sightlines. In addition to being in a prime location and perhaps finding some valuable stuff, landing there will likely require you to engage in combat with other player teams—warzone gamers like fighting on the map since it is one of the most well-liked in multiplayer.

Rohan oil

Compared to the other areas discussed previously, Rohan Oil is much more open and situated in Al Mazrah’s northwest. You can gather stuff here to start your preparations for the middle and endgames. While it is possible to obtain valuable loot, keep in mind that you and the other teams can locate one another quickly. Additionally, this area has a Stronghold that, if cleared, will provide you access to your greatest Warzone 2 loadout.


The size of each of these sectors varies, giving the map a variety of locales that include industrial regions, metropolitan areas, and much more. This indicates that some of these regions contain enough treasure (from crates and the ground) to send your opponents to the new Prison.

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