Bloktopia (BLOK): Important Things To Know


Bloktopia is a metaverse skyscraper with 21 levels to recognize 21 million Bitcoins. It is the VR metaverse that aims to be an educational-entertainment hub for all levels of crypto experience. With Bloktopia, users have, for the first time, access to crypto information and immersive content in one place. Let’s find out more about it.

Bloktopia (BLOK) 101: All You Need To Know

What is Bloktopia?

Bloktopia is like a shopping mall where projects, exchanges, influencers, or crypto brands showcase their content and important messages, along with stores among other types of activities and businesses.

Built on Unity, a cross-platform game engine by the founders of Sony Playstation VR, Bloktopia is also powered by the Polygon network. The platform allows visitors to participate in basic or advanced learning, earn income, play games with friends, build networks and more. Bloktopia metaverse consists of real estate blocks that can be bought and managed by BLOK token holders.

Token holders are referred to as “Blocktopians”. They can generate income from real estate ownership, advertising revenue, gaming, networking and much more. Using the world’s most advanced real-time 3D Rendering Engine, Bloktopia leverages this technology to create stunning visualizations and user experiences.

What are the highlights of metaverse Bloktopia?

Some of the main features that make the platform stand out from the others can be listed as follows:

  • Bloktopia is a central hub where users can learn about the crypto world that can be difficult to explore.
  • Bloktopians have the opportunity to make a profit by buying real estate and can sell or rent a property for profit.
  • Users can relax, have fun, socialize and compete with friends through virtual reality world first-person interaction.
  • With a simple builder tool, users can use their creativity by producing scenes, artwork and even attending events to win prizes.

NFT and Bloktopia

Bloktopia’s large user base allows monetization through advertising and sponsorship, which provides an opportunity to share in revenue generation through an NFT mechanism. BLOK tokens allow holders to purchase REBLOK and NFTs representing ownership of ADBLOK. REBLOK is an in-platform purchase of either a sole proprietorship represented by a single NFT or a co-ownership represented by multiple NFTs. REBLOK can also be rented to tenants for an event or on a long-term basis, just like real-world real estate.

How to generate income from Bloktopia?

The native token of the platform, BLOK, offers its holders different features such as being able to generate income and participate in governance within Bloktopia. The platform offers different earning opportunities for Bloktopians. For example, accessing special events, participating in pre-sales and staking are among these opportunities. Other opportunities consist of passive earnings, betting and advertising. Bloktopians can buy and sell BLOCKS through both decentralized and centralized exchanges. Don’t put money in Bloktopia if you are looking for immediate profit. Like all kinds of investment, patience is the key.

Earning a Reblok: Buying real estate in Bloktopia is known as Reblok. Real estate, which is a valuable commodity in Bloktopia, can be purchased by Bloktopians.  

Earning AdBlock: Advertising is one of the major earning tools on the platform. The platform works with key brand partners to provide them with unique opportunities to advertise within Bloktopia. A portion of these generated advertising fees is returned to Bloktopia token holders.

Bloktopia Marketplace

Bloktopians can purchase items from the Bloktopia marketplace through an NFT mechanism. Items are on display at the market, both to customize real estate and to customize avatars. 

Bloktopia is working on a governance model and REBLOK NFT owners are part of this governance council. Every NFT has the right to vote through a DAO. Proposals can be made to the DAO, where NFT holders will vote by winning the majority vote.

Bloktopia and Metaverse

Metaverse acts as a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds in the decentralized and open-source virtual world. It exposes cryptographic protocols to manage digital assets such as digital art, real estate and advertising space. NFTs in the Polygon Network make this happen while also allowing for affordable and fast transactions.

Often expressed in extraordinarily illuminated high-tech urban environments, the meta version combines augmented and virtual realities. Social connectivity, entertainment, gaming, fitness, work, education and commerce combine to create an embodied internet where people interact and are not just passively looking at but a vital part of the experience.

How Much is the BLOK Supply?

The maximum supply amount of the block token has been determined as The circulating supply is currently uncertain. 

How to Get BLOK?

You can easily and safely perform your BLOK token buy-sell transactions from a reliable crypto exchange of your choice. 

Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet is not a wallet that stores the Bloktopia (BLOK) value you own. They are the software that contains the private and public keys required to use the Bloktopia (BLOK) values ​​you have. Bloktopia (BLOK) wallets allow you to see your Bloktopia balance and transfer your Bloktopia (BLOK) balances to other Bloktopia wallets with the Blockchain (blockchain) system. 

Every Bloktopia wallet has an address, this address code consists of 26-35 characters of numbers and letters. Bloktopia (BLOK) is the address of the Bloktopia wallet, which is visible to others and allows them to send Bloktopia (BLOK) to your wallet. With this address, you can deposit Bloktopia from other wallets to your own wallet. In order to send Bloktopia (BLOK) from your own Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet to another Bloktopia wallet, you must use your wallet’s private key code. With Bloktopia wallet, you can become involved in the Blockchain system, which is the basis of Bloktopia technology.

With the Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet, you cannot convert the Bloktopia (BLOK) amount in your balance to real money. To convert your Bloktopia (BLOK) balance to real money, you need to use exchanges.

What are the types of Bloktopia (BLOK) wallets?

Desktop Bloktopia (BLOK) Wallets

They are wallet programs that you can download and use on your computer. The public and private keys of your Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet are stored in your computer’s memory. As it is an internet-connected Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet, it is vulnerable to the dangers that may come from the internet. Active Bloktopia (BLOK) is an ideal wallet for users who will transfer and hold small amounts.

Paper (Paper) Bloktopia (BLOK) Wallets

Paper (paper wallet) wallets are the papers on which the Public Key and Private Key of your Bloktopia (BLOK) wallets are written. In Paper Bloktopia (BLOK) wallets, your Bloktopia (BLOK) address information is generally displayed as a QR code. As it is a Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet without an internet connection, it is the most secure wallet against attacks that may come from the internet. You can create a specially designed Paper Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet, or you can create your own Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet information as a printout. Since it is a physical Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet and your wallet information is written on it, if you lose your wallet, you may lose your entire Bloktopia (BLOK) balance.

Web (Online) Bloktopia (BLOK) Wallets

Web Bloktopia (BLOK) Wallets are a form of wallet in which your Bloktopia (BLOK) balances are maintained by companies providing wallet services. It is necessary to pay attention to the reliability of companies providing Web Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet services. They are Bloktopia (BLOK) wallets that you can have on the world’s best crypto exchanges. The biggest advantage of Web Bloktopia (BLOK) wallets is that you can access and transact from anywhere you have an internet connection.

As soon as you become a member of a crypto exchange, a special Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet is created for you. With this Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet, you can deposit Bloktopia (BLOK) from other Bloktopia (BLOK) wallets to your own Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet and withdraw Bloktopia (BLOK) to other Bloktopia (BLOK) wallets. You can log in to your crypto exchange account from anywhere you have an internet connection and perform your Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet transactions.

A significant part of your Bloktopia (BLOK) balance in your Bloktopia (BLOK) wallet in your account is kept in cold wallets. Cold wallets are private security wallets that do not have an internet connection. You can use Bloktopia (BLOK) to store your balance and you can buy and sell in your preferred crypto exchange whenever you want. 

How is Bloktopia Price Calculated?

Bloktopia price generally changes in line with the balance of supply and demand. Bloktopia is an ecosystem created by its users and its current value changes according to the supply and demand balance of its users. As with real money values, it is not tied to any central bank or regulatory system.

Bloktopia is frequently used in buying/selling transactions in cryptocurrency exchanges due to the change in prices. Apart from buying/selling transactions, Bloktopia is seen by many users as an investment tool. Bloktopia balances are kept in Bloktopia Wallets.

Bloktopia is a currency, although it does not have a physical equivalent, and is also used as a means of payment. There are companies that receive payments with Bloktopia in many parts of the world. The fact that it is faster, safer and cheaper to pay with Bloktopia in international trade makes Bloktopia more attractive as a means of payment compared to real money 

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