Ayesha Curry: How Rich Is She?

Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry is Steph Curry’s wife and they are each successful with or without being associated with each other’s success. This is to say that the bestselling cookbook author (Ayesha) can hold her own when compared to her NBA superstar of a husband with three championship rings. 

Ayesha’s net worth has been slowly rising as she is a restaurateur and founder of a lifestyle brand and magazine too. The Canadian-American chef, author, model, actress, entrepreneur and television personality now has a net worth estimated at more than $25 million as of 2020. 

Ayesha Curry: Networth and Success

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How do you compete with Steph Curry, the Golden State Warriors star player who brings home $34 million dollars a year? It looks like Stephen Curry’s wife has found the secret – keep the plate full while he keeps the court full. Ayesha Curry’s plate is in fact – overflowing as she is now a food personality after becoming a bestselling cookbook author, owner of a meal kit company (Homemade) and purveyor of eponymous kitchenware line that’s available nationwide at Target, JC Penney and Amazon. In her spare time, Ayesha Curry has also turned her barbecue restaurant concept, International Smoke, from a pop-up at a Michael Mina incubator into a permanent fixture in Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Francisco. She has also launched a new lifestyle magazine this April. 

Quick Facts about Ayesha Curry’s net worth:

According to Forbes, Ayesha Curry currently directs a restaurant franchise, cookbook and wine label, as well as cookware and bedding brands that together have generated more than $25 million. And while she’s in no way taking a back seat to her flashy husband’s life, she has worked silently under his shadow and gone far enough achieve the following which has accumulated and added to her net worth: 

  • In February,  Ayesha Curryopened another outpost of her barbecue spot, International Smoke, in Miami. The restaurant, which is a collaboration between Curry and Chef Michael Mina, has sister locations in Houston and San Francisco.
  • Ayesha Curry became a CoverGirl spokesmodel in 2017.
  • Also in 2017, she partnered with PM Studios to produce her very own mobile cooking game app.
  • Ayesha Curry has also appeared on TV shows like Hannah Montana, The Real, The Chew, Rachael Ray, and The Great American Baking Show.
  • In 2016, she authored the  New York Times best-selling cookbook “The Seasoned Life: Food, Family, Faith, and the Joy of Eating Well,” which debuted in 2016. That same year, after years of guest appearances and showcasing a few recipes on her YouTube channel,  Ayesha Curry began hosting her own cooking show on Food Network, “Ayesha’s Home Kitchen.”
  • Ayesha Curry’s company Little Lights of Mine sells its own brand of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Ayesha Curry’s most search result on Amazon.com is her cookware which has been one of her most successful ventures. 
  • As a former actress, she starred on the television series Whittaker Bay in 2008 and appeared in the films Dan’s Detour of Life and Love for Sale. 
  • She took her career from the big screen to real life when she collaborated on a pop-up restaurant with celebrity chef Michael Mina, and the first month of reservations sold out in seconds, according to ESPN. Their success extended over into 2017 and Mrs. Curry opened up her second restaurant International Smoke this fall. On top of all that, she joined the likes of Tom Brady and launched meal kit delivery service Homemade, and partnered with Meyer Corporation on her own line of cookware sold at Target.

“I’ve been cooking since I was 12 years old for my entire family and now cook for my own little family and I’m thrilled to share it with you,” the multi talented chef stated. If you take a look at her Instagram there are photos of her cooking at a very young age and her Jamaican descent does find a way of taking over and spicing up her feed. 


While Ayesha’s earnings may not match that of her husband’s just yet, she is well on her way to building a noteworthy brand for herself and a career that will outlast Steph’s on the court. She’s already on her way to opening more doors for people of colour. 

In April 2020, Ayesha Curry’s new lifestyle magazine, Sweet July was launched. 

The goal of her magazine—named after the month of Curry’s wedding anniversary and the month in which all three of her children were born—is to be an arena for business owners and creatives of color. At a time when the world is rife with racial injustice and inequity, it’s especially come at the right time. 

All in all, for many working mothers who happen to have the tag of being wives and girlfriends of professional athletes, the position they find themselves is normally feeding their family while dealing with the instability which comes with professional sports. Trades and deals that usually come with the territory result in many wives and children moving cities every few months or years. While some wives love being a housewife, others who don’t want to do that have to sacrifice a steady 9 to 5 for love. Many focus on holding down the family or charity work, both full-time, challenging and respectable jobs and on the other hand, some have gone above and beyond in their personal careers to create empires separate from their husbands, one of whom is Ayesha Curry.

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