12 Carmen Aub Facts That Are So Interesting!

Carmen Aub

Carmen Aub Romero is a Mexican actress born on October 24, 1989, in Mexico City, known for her role as Rutila Casillas in “The Lord of the Skies.”

The Mexican actress has achieved greater popularity in Latin America thanks to her role as Greta Domenechi in the MTV soap opera Niñas mal and she’s also known for her role as Flor Cáceres in the telenovela Dónde está Elisa and for her role as Rutila Casillas Letràn in the telenovela El Señor de los Cielos.

Who Is Carmen Aub? 12 Facts About The Established Mexican Actress! 

1. Carmen Aub childhood:

Carmen Aub was born on October 24, 1989. 

The 32-year-old Mexican actress is the daughter of journalist Max Aub, who was married to Luisa Fernanda Romero. Max and Fernanda had three daughters, Carmen being the second; the eldest is named María Fernanda and the youngest Luisa. 

2. Carmen Aub was a child actress:

For those who don’t know, her television career began at the age of nine, as a reporter for a children’s program called ECOLE (1999) on Televisa and the following year she joined the cast of Plaza Sésamo (2000).

After living in various cities in Mexico at the age of 12, Carmen and her family moved to the United States in 2001. During her first eight years in Miami, she studied acting, singing, and dance. She also dabbled in various Telemundo productions such as: Decisiones and Médico de Familia, as a supporting actress.

3. Carmen Aub’s career and continued work:

The Mexican actress’s first work in soap operas was with the production Where is Elisa? (2010), playing Flor Cáceres.

In 2010, Aub appeared in 25 episodes of Niñas as well as 83 episodes of the television series ¿Dónde está Elisa?. A week after finishing the recordings of ¿Dónde está Elisa? Aka “Where is Elisa?”, the Mexican actress left for Bogotá, Colombia to work on his leading role in the telenovela Chicas Mal (2010), alongside Isabel Burr, Jéssica Sanjuán, Patricia Bermúdez, María Teresa Barreto and Ana María Aguilera.2 The telenovela premiered on MTV Latin America on September 13, 2010.

Between the two years of 2011 and 2012, the Mexican actress took up the role of Krista Cabral Duprís in 145 episodes of the telenovela Esperanza del corazón, before she played the leading female role in the romantic drama Chiapas: El Corazon Del Cafe in 2012. 

Between the years 2014 and 2017, she played the role of Rutila Casillas in 259 episodes of El Señor de los Cielos and in 2017 she took part in a cinema production for the second time; this time in the film Escuela para Seductores. In 2011 the Mexican actress acted in the Mexican soap opera Esperanza del corazón (which currently has only 1 season) alongside Bianca Marroquín, Lucía Méndez, and Marisol del Olmo.

In 2013 she played Nina Piamonte in the soap opera Pasión prohibited. From 2014 to 2019, she played Rutila Casillas, the eldest daughter of Aurelio Casillas, in The Lord of the Skies. In 2017 Carmen Aub participated in an American anthology television series called Milagros de Navidad playing Mariana Ramírez.

4. Carmen Aub scandals and controversies: 

The Mexican actress has to fight against an attempt at extortion. A journalist who obtained nude photos of Carmen Aub asked for money in exchange for not publishing the photos. In order to show him that she will not allow himself to be blackmailed by him, she published the pictures herself and donated the amount demanded by the blackmailer to a non-profit organization that works for people with HIV. 

5. Who is Carmen Aub’s boyfriend?

The actress of “The Lord of the Skies” has been in a relationship with Nicolás for a couple of years. So let’s get to know the resident doctor who stole the heart of the Mexican actress.

Carmen Aub is very discreet with her love affair with Nicolás as they met each other at the beginning of 2019 and months later they decided to embark on a love affair. They currently have around two years together and the actress does not stop showing off her love on social networks with their pet dog.

Nicolás has nothing to do with the world of acting, he is completely alien to the medium, but that has not been a problem for them, since he understands Carmen Aub’s work very well and jealousy and limitations have no place. The handsome heartthrob of the actress is a resident doctor who does his internship in the United States, while Carmen Aub is in Mexico and constantly travels to Miami for work reasons, but that has not been a problem for them, the distance is something they have known to endure. 

Carmen Aub is happy next to her partner, with whom she claims to share many tastes and to connect perfectly, so her fans also support and adore this romance, as they affirm that the actress looks very happy and happy with Nicolás.

6. The quarantine has strengthened their relationship:

What will it be like living with one of the most successful Mexican actresses in recent years? The Telemundo soap opera revealed that she was living a happy quarantine next to her boyfriend Nicolás. The actress assured that the confinement has strengthened their relationship, beyond breaking it as has happened in other cases and homes.

Carmen Aub also said about her boyfriend: “We went from having a complicated relationship at times to spending a lot of time together”

The quarantine imposed by the coronavirus pandemic has provided valuable personal growth time for Carmen Aub as she said: “At first I was a little stressed and anxious to return to the set, but I have learned to love him, to enjoy time for myself, time with my family, to rest and to resume hobbies that perhaps I had already lost and find new ones” 

The young Mexican actress spoke about the transition from barely seeing her partner due to long working hours that force her to spend a lot of time away from her home in Miami, the talented 30-year-old interpreter has gone on to share entire months of confinement under the same roof with her boyfriend Nicolás, a handsome resident doctor who is doing his internship in the United States.

“Between the fact that I am always between Miami and Mexico due to work, we went from having a complicated relationship at times to spending a lot of time together,” Aub told People Magazine. 

Far from wearing down the relationship, the confinement has made them stronger as a couple.

“My boyfriend is doing his residency in medicine so the truth is that he has suddenly had very heavy schedules (from COVID-19 rising) and that has been good because we give ourselves our space,” she asserted. 

“Although the same when we are together we always seek each one their space and we get along very well. We share hobbies and also the hobbies that we have separately, we do not neglect them ”, says Aub, who despite being very reserved with everything that has to do with her private life has boasted on numerous occasions about her partner on Instagram.

7. Carmen Aub’s 2020 look after having breast implants removed:

Recently Carmen Aub had surgery to remove her breast implants. The Mexican actress has been part of the main cast of the drama: “The Lord of the Skies” since its second season, when she was introduced as Rutila Casillas.

Because of the pandemic of the coronavirus, she had some time from her busy schedule and rethought some things and joined a movement with Michelle Renaud, Thali Garcia, Maritza Bustamante to remove breast implants that have been a part of them for many years.

The actress said on her Instagram: I do not regret (getting implants) for nothing, I loved them, they gave me a lot of security. But after 10 years of a lot of internal work that I have done, I have decided that I am going to take them off ” 

After a week of her announcement, Carmen returned to social networks to show some photos of her new version without the breast implants looking very happy and cheerful despite having gone through the surgeon recently.

On October 24, Carmen Aub turned 31 in 2020 (going silicon free after 10 years) and celebrated it in a big way with her loved ones who were able to come to her house to congratulate her with many pumpkins and a Halloween theme. In her Instagram stories you can see how several people sing the classic “Happy Birthday” while they record it and take photos.

Just a day before, she returned to her social networks with an official publication on her Instagram to show herself to her followers after the operation. Despite complaining or showing weakness after recovery from the operation, her fans saw a totally cheerful and happy Carmen who even dared to joke about it. 

“Tomorrow I am 372 months old, why do the mothers of two-year-olds keep giving the age in months? Hahaha PS: I’m looking for the best push up bra”, she joked. 

Her fans did not hesitate to express their full support for this decision and some people even recommended that she use the Victoria Secret branding alongside her messages that she now looked more beautiful than ever. In honor of her birthday, she also shared a studio photo confessing that she now felt more authentic than ever and has no regrets:

She said: “My goal? Keep questioning and evolving to always be more ME, in the end it is not black or white, it is the shades of gray where we find our personality, ” according to her post on social media. 

8. Carmen Aub’s sexy tattoo is searched on Google a lot: 

From the privacy of her room, the actress wore shorts that revealed her statuesque figure and revealed a hidden tattoo that is near her pelvis.

In order to appreciate her anatomy, she used slow motion filming to delight her fans who react favorably to her posts.

Along with the short clip she wrote: “Don’t be so strict with yourself (and I mean it for me too), the biggest changes are little by little; When you can’t maintain discipline, try to change your attitude to one of self-love”. 

9. Carmen Aub’s opinions on working together with Rafael Amaya:

The followers of the series ” The Lord of the Skies ” expressed their joy after seeing that the actor Rafael Amaya had announced his return to acting on the Telemundo television network. 

Carmen Aub, who worked with Amaya in this production, did not hide her emotion at such news and offered her some welcoming words during a brief conversation they had on the Hoy program.

She expressed that the emotion that she feels at this moment is enormous (…) She has no words to express how much she admires Rafa, how much she respects Rafa, and the pleasure it gives her to know that he is back, ” said the actress.

10. Carmen Aub’s new podcast called “With Carmen” was always in her mind:

On September 28, 2021, the Mexican actress expressed the emotion she felt for undertaking this new facet of her professional life and revealed that she will receive specialists and personalities from the environment in her podcast. 

This will be a new talk show production that seeks to create a conversation between the actress, specialists, celebrities and listeners on everyday topics such as mental health and “Pink October”.

Last year in 2020, for an interview for Infobae México, the well-known 31-year-old actress who participated in El Señor de los Cielos, El Chema and Chicas mal, gave some details about the main purpose she pursues with this talk show that promises to touch on little-explored topics.

“We are going to have a lot of controversial topics. The process to choose the topics was difficult because we had so many things we wanted to talk about and what we did was divide them into categories, we are going to go from polyamory, sex, marriage, divorce, political cancellation”, she declared.

Carmen Aub confessed that this new project meant a “dream come true”, because during her career she had not had the opportunity to expand her horizons towards something more intimate, much more her own. Through this space, the actress intends to promote tolerance among her listeners.

“I hope that people question why they believe what they believe and why someone might think differently in order to create tolerance. I believe that the world needs tolerance and curiosity to understand the ways of thinking of other people,” she continued.

11. Her podcast Con Carmen was born during the pandemic:

The actress from Mexico City opened up about where the idea of materializing the Con Carmen concept came from. Between the talk, Carmen Aub mentioned that she already had the idea of doing something for a long time, but had not been able to do it. However, the opportunity presented itself with E! Entertainment Latin America.

The project of this podcast came to give a turn to the way in which the COVID-19 pandemic was being handled, as the production knocked on her door and she reconsidered how she could do her bit to the problems that concern human beings.

“I am a person who has the facility to ask people without making someone feel uncomfortable. When I create my acting characters, my number one rule is ‘do n’t judge ‘, from there I started to think about how I could apply it to (the show), ”she said.

In this first installment, Con Carmen introduces 12 chapters where each one of them deals with different topics of approximately one hour each. According to the actress, one of the programs that surprised her the most was the one that talked about mental health.

“It has been one of the ones that has impacted me the most, it can still be a taboo, if someone has some kind of mental health problem like that sometimes they can do it less and, in reality, there is nothing wrong and with the help of medications can have a completely normal life,” she commented.

Carmen Aub even revealed that through the information that emerged in her own program is that she has started to reflect on the issues: “I have been discovering myself over the years, I lived a lot under cultural conditioning”.

12. Where is Carmen Aub now?

In 2021, she is pretty busy with her new podcast called Con Carmen, which premiered on September 28 and is an original production of E! Entertainment Latinoamerica, so it is exclusively in its space and there are 12 chapters spoken completely in Spanish.

For now, those who are also followers of her work in ” The Lord of the Skies ” and wondering about the 8th season, please note that you will have to wait for Telemundo to give an official response, one in which Carmen Aub had already expressed her desire to participate previously, but at the same time admits that her future is uncertain in the series.

With this new stage in her life, Carmen Aub would like to close the series cycle and be able to embark on new paths. Of course, the cast and the audience are like a second family for her, but she is open-minded to accept what the future is preparing for her and she will not let anything or anyone get in the way of her personal and professional growth.

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