10 Théo Hernandez Facts: From Disappearing Father To Playing For Spain

Théo Hernandez

Théo Hernandez joined the France team where his brother Lucas already appeared and played in the 2022 World Cup. But the younger brother earned his place in Blue, on the strength of great performances with his club AC Milan, and is no longer simply the “brother of”, a status born from the career of his older brother Lucas, crowned world champion in 2018 with the French team. Théo, with a more attacking temperament than his brother, played in the 2022 World Cup and reached the final, contributing strongly to the course of the French football team, like his opener against Morocco in the semi-final (2-0) Let’s look at 10 things about the left-back with an attacking temperament. 

Théo Hernandez: 10 Things About The Milan And France Player! 

1. Theo Hernández was in praise of Messi before the finals:

Theo Hernández anticipated what the Qatar 2022 final between Messi and Mbappé will be like before the final of the 2022 Soccer World Cup where the Argentine soccer team played its French counterpart. 

Just before the 2022 Soccer World Cup final Theo Hernández said “It’s going to be an intense match”. 

It is interesting because as a Spanish club guy, especially during the Spanish Super Cup, Theo Hernández once joined Sergio Ramos, Messi, Higuaín, Gio dos Santos, Bojan, Marcelo, Sergi Roberto and Varane as one of the last under-20s to have played a minute in a Clásico.

Today, Theo Hernández, who plays for Milan in Italy, declared his thoughts about the finals saying: “We know that Argentina has a great team and it’s going to be a very nice game to play”. The player from France gave his opinion about the leaders saying Messi and Mbappé “are great players”. He also praised his competition by saying “Messi is having an incredible competition and Argentina is having a very good competition like us. The finals will be fought until the end and it will be a great game”, he concluded. 

2. Theo Hernández is one of the best left-backs globally: 

For the UEFA Nations League semi-finals Théo for the first time together with his brother Lucas received a call from Didier Deschamps to be left center-back and a left wing-back, respectively, making it the first time the brothers joined together in a senior competitive game. The two were fielded in the 3–4–1–2 formation for the French national team. 

3. His club career:

Théo Hernandez was born on October 6, 1997 in Marseille, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of France. A pure product of the Spanish football school is Theo Hernandez like his brother Lucas where they spent their earliest childhood, following the end of the career of his father Jean-François who passed through Atletico Madrid. It is in this club that he massively developed in the youth team and then got a first tenure with the A team in the 2015-2016 season. After extending his contract with Alavés till 2021, he was recruited by the great rival, Real Madrid, in 2017 where he struggled to win but expanded his record in 2018 under the orders of Zinédine Zidane through the Champions League. Loaned to Rayo Vallecano and then to Real Sociedad to save playing time, he was finally recruited by AC Milan in 2019.

In Italy, Theo Hernandez collected not only spectacular assists, minutes, and goals, but also contributed greatly to the return of AC Milan to the fore and the title of Italian champion 2022.  

After 11 years and thanks to Theo’s 5 goals and 6 assists (the most for any defender in Serie A that season), Milan was crowned with their first Serie A title. 

4. Playing for France:

In the wake of 7 first interesting selections in the French national team Théo Hernandez was called up for the World Cup on August 26, 2021. 

Following his very good season with AC Milan crowned Italian champion the same year as the 2022 world cup Didier Deschamps summoned him for the first time for the qualifying matches in Qatar. 

The Milan left-side received his first selection on September 8, 2021 where he played the entire match against Finland. A month later, Théo Hernandez played an important match in the semi-finals of the League of Nations against Belgium giving the winning goal to the French national team at the end of a match where France was led by two goals – his first goal for France. 

Théo Hernandez knew a lot of selections of young people with the France team. He was selected along with the U18s, U19s and U20s. This year let’s not forget that Théo Hernandez offered Kylian Mbappé the opportunity to score the coronation goal that the Parisian striker would not miss. This year Theo played the starting position on the left flank of the defense, in place of his brother Lucas, who suffered a serious knee injury in the first match. He reached the final, and scored a goal in the semi-final against Morocco (2-0).

5. Initially, he aspired to play for Spain: 

Theo has lived in Madrid since he was very young, but he has been summoned by the French Under 20 team, a team that finally did not call him up for the World Cup in the category last May. When he was called up by the Under-21s once last season ended, he did not show up because, theoretically, he wanted to play for Spain at that time. In October 2017 he left open the option of playing with Spain, something that did not happen because Theo decided to play, like his brother Lucas Hernández, with the French national team. Both have participated in the 2022 Qatar World Cup. 

FUN FACT: In Macedonia, after the European Super Cup, he was seen posing for the official photo with all the Spanish players, while in the Spanish Super Cup he did it with the foreign players. During that time, Theo was in the process of becoming a Spanish citizen because he wanted to play with La Roja.

6. Theo Hernandez’s famous brother: Lucas

Théo Hernandez is the baby brother of Lucas Hernandez who plays for the Bundesliga German club Bayern Munich. Lucas was also trained in the Atlético de Madrid youth system and is international for France

Two years separate the two players. The Bavarian defender became an international before his brother and won the World Cup with the France team in 2018 in Russia. But before that, the two brothers suffered a complicated ordeal when their father, Jean-François Hernandez, disappeared in 2003 without a trace. At Rayo Vallecano (where their father once played) brothers, Lucas Hernandez and Theo embarked on football a year later when they had been living in Spain since 2000. 

Theo Hernandez’s older brother rose through the ranks more quickly in the world of football and signed at Bayern in 2019 when he was 23 years old. But since the two players are among the best in their position and both play for the France team,

7. Who is Theo Hernandez’s father?

On October 6, 1997, Theo Hernández was born in Marseille (France) as the son of Jean-François Hernández, who was also a footballer and, like his son, played for Atlético de Madrid, as well as for Rayo Vallecano, among others. When Theo was born, Jean-François was a player for Marseille also known as (OM) Olympique de Marseille.

8. Theo Hernandez’s father disappeared: 

In November 2022, a few days before the World Cup, the media was delving into the large investigation of the father of Lucas and Théo Hernandez, Jean-François Hernandez. 

The brother’s father was an ex-professional player in the 1980s and 1990s who disappeared mysteriously in the early 2000s. 

Fingers have been pointed to their half-sister who denies the thesis of abandonment and evokes a family dispute with the mother of the two French internationals. 

Jean-François Hernandez notably began in Toulouse in 1994 and went on to evolve his game for Sochaux in 1995 at Olympique de Marseille from 1995 to 1998 before ending his career in Spain at Atletico de Madrid (where Theo played) and Rayo Vallecano.

9. He has strong relations with Atlético: 

“I would never celebrate a goal if I scored against Atlético de Madrid, it is my home, where I grew up”, he said before a match against Atlético de Madrid FC this year.

10. His transfer to Alavés went unnoticed: 

He has gone from the anonymity in which the Atlético de Madrid youth system hid him to being desired by half of Europe for his good work with Alavés. He made his debut for the Vitoria team in the 2016/17 season, a course in which he participated in 32 games, scored two goals and provided four assists. 

The media were already looking at Lucas, his older brother, who was beginning to have minutes in the Atlético de Madrid first team. However, Theo Hernández has impressed to the point of being included by UEFA in the revelation team of the Spanish League for 2017.

Prior to that, he emerged in the lower categories of Rayo Majadahonda, and from there he went to the Atlético de Madrid youth system, where during the 2015-16 season he joined the subsidiary, then in the Third Division. He was even called up to the first team for a match against Eibar, although he never made his debut for Atlético Madrid in professional football (he remained an unused sub in the 3–1 home win). 

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