What Do the Refreshed Bathroom Trends of 2023 Indicate?

Every time the calendar year changes, homeowners’ renewed interest in interior design trends gets the better of them. They want to know what others are choosing and why so that they can align their renovation and remodeling efforts if they have any plans. Even those seeking cosmetic improvements find popular choices fascinating. You can have reasons to stay updated about what works or doesn’t. Most home improvement discussions pivot around busy corners of the house, like the kitchen and bathroom. These areas put up with daily abuse, which makes them demand regular upgrades. So, let’s gather elements that may define a bathroom’s personality in 2023.


The moist environment of this space makes it essential to choose materials that can fight humidity and dampness. Most bathroom tiles ensure this. There is good news if you want to give your bathroom a minimalist and organic touch. A new design mimics the rustic magic of terracotta and stone materials, keeping things simple with a unique vibe. It can extend beyond flooring. So, what’s this? The designers say microcement is the new baby on the block that eliminates the need for tiles and comes with textured surfaces for your shower and bathtub areas. The Mediterranean trend has got all the charm and character.

Earlier, people only had a few options, which led them to finish the walls with glossy tiles. Today, you can bask in the genuinely organic textured feeling everywhere through the matte finish of the microcement. The new option stands out for its adaptability and smooth application compared to the others. For long, roman and limewash clays stayed away from the bathroom. However, the scene will be different this year. With tiles and other things, you need to worry about adequate measurements. You can install this waterproof and stain-resistant material on drywall, tile, and plywood.


Angular and slim profiles had taken over bathroom design in the past. 2023 brings back the magical voluptuous curves to uplift this private space aesthetically. Curved surfaces remove edginess from the corners, creating a soft aura that makes you feel more relaxed. A curved wall in the walk-in shower area can work. Waterproof plasters can help attain the look. Or you can select scallop-shaped tiles if you want to introduce curves at a smaller scale. Focus on the sink and shower areas for this. You get adurable type of bathroom sink, which can easily blend with the new look. At the same time, buy accessories to complement the theme. For instance, a big circular mirror above the sink can achieve your goal.

Dopamine colors

It’s time to say goodbye to clinical white tiled walls. In the last few years, homeowners have already tended to experiment with other colors. 2023 gives you the scope to do away with the dullness confidently. For instance, the striped and funky layout of the tiles can easily add energy. If there is any lacking, you can plug that gap with intelligent choices like colored accessories and geometric shapes. Even a bathroom door can be your canvas.

Patterned drapery

The trend gets its motivation from people’s love for textures. Some designers believe drapery with different patterns can lord over various corners of the house, including the bathroom. A place like a bathroom mostly features hard surfaces – mirrors, tiles, stones, and others. Adding window treatments with patterns creates an inviting space filled with warmth and soft energy. It can be a welcome change in the otherwise cold environment of the bathroom.

Decorative lighting

When you overhaul this specific room, lighting should be your top priority. Because the risk of falls and injuries is higher in bathrooms, you want to keep them well-lit. At the same time, think of lights as an aesthetic addition. Luckily, 2023 trends show you the way to accomplish this. Ornate lights, pendants, and sconces are some of the leading examples. You can use these features to give your bathroom a sculptural-like finish. Choose lights that illuminate well and feel softer too.

Shower screens

Another item that may slowly fade into memories is the framed screens. The past year’s search trend reveals that people have been hunting for glass screens to create a seamless effect in their bathrooms. The shower screens will be all glassy affairs per the predictions. The reason for this change can be to make smaller bathrooms look spacious and bright. When you opt for this arrangement, you can demonstrate your specific preference. This design allows you to explore multiple features to elevate your bathroom’s look.

Open concept

If the idea of a frameless glass screen didn’t explain it enough, there is one more element to establish that homeowners want to keep this space airy and spacious. Consequently, they can embrace open-concept designs where showers do not have doors. Storage will also make a subtle appearance. However, some people enjoy the open flooring concept but want to stay in the comfort of cozy nooks. If you identify with them, you can create separate shower and toilet corners within the same area.

Raised flooring

This design has also made a comeback. Some old bathrooms experimented with this. You can change the wall tiles and vanity. At the same time, you can use a few tiles to build a raised section in the bathtub area. When you soak in the tub, other elements fade into the background, creating an immensely clutter-free and peaceful environment. You will walk out of the tub feeling fresh and revitalized.

Various elements are available to build your bathroom into a character of your liking. If you are an artist or inclined toward artistic touches, natural accents like woven baskets, bamboo doors, and wood tables can make the desired difference. 2023 is all about knowing your choices. It will allow you to modify every inch of this corner based on your preference. Make sure you hire the right interior designer for the project. They can share valuable feedback on what might or might not work. If you like to play safe with your budget and time, you can avoid any tricky additions and select something that gives you peace of mind.

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