3 Dating Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2022

Dating Trends That Will Be Everywhere in 2022

It may seem that dating trends are out of place. The question arises: how there could be any trends in interpersonal relationships? However, dating trends have nothing to do with attempts to impose the rules of love on society.

The point is that dating has long been a part of the social order. So, it is necessary to consider the phenomenon of dating as a culture. As you know, when it comes to any culture, they cannot do without trends replacing each other. That is why modern dating cannot exist without dating trends.

The dating culture develops and changes with society. All changes and novelties are reflected in trends.

What is more, it is essential to mention that trends in the dating culture can explain a lot about the current political, economic, or climate situation in the world.  

In 2022, everyone should know the following three main dating trends:

·         CommuniDating

·         Dry Dating

·         Slow Dating


It is not a secret that dating apps have been in high demand for about 10 years now. The peak of their popularity came just at the beginning of 2020. The global quarantine made everyone spend their evenings at home depriving them of live communication.

So, dating apps have become a solution for a large number of people. What is interesting, even those people who have never used such apps and preferred offline meetings got interested in online dates.

Although the impact of the pandemic has decreased, virtual dating is still a trend. Online dating offers a lot of benefits, so people are not going to refuse it.

Thus, the main advantages of the CommuniDating trend are:

·         Self-security (if you feel that your interlocutor has some dangerous intentions you can just disconnect and inform the support team of the app)

·         Money saving (no expenses on the road)

·         Time-saving (people often do not get along in character, which is normal, and in the app, you can immediately understand this after several messages and not spend the whole evening on a date with the wrong person)

·         Convenience (you can join the online meeting or chat anytime and from anywhere)

·         Ability to communicate with a person regardless of your current locations

·         Possibility to expand your circle of friends by communicating with foreigners

Dry Dating

This dating trend was also influenced by the Covid pandemic. The fact is that the quarantine period was quite stressful for a lot of people. What is more, many have lost their jobs, and the divorce statistic was really impressive.

Therefore, people tried to find a way to relax and forget about their problems for a while. Someone chose workouts, others decided to watch soap operas, and there were those who found solace in alcohol.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of people who belonged to the latter group. So, the trend of dry dating is a kind of support for those who fight or have already overcome the addiction.

Moreover, every year, the number of people who do not consider alcohol an obligatory component of a date increases. For example, 29% of Americans are sure that drinking standards in the dating culture are changing now.

Slow Dating

Today, most people are in no hurry to get engaged, married, and have children. The choice of a life partner is an important step, so daters do not want to make a mistake.

The slow dating trend implies the process of the measured acquaintance. People communicate online, at first just chatting and then via video calls. They try to get to know the interlocutor better and understand if they have common interests.

Only if the interlocutors are convinced that something serious can come out of their union, they set up an offline meeting.

Dating Apps in 2022   

As you can see, two of three of the most popular dating trends could appear and develop due to dating apps. So, it is necessary to know what applications for daters are in great demand today.

The most popular dating apps in 2022 are:

·         Bumble

·         Tinder

·         Facebook Dating


Bumble is the first app that combines dating and finding new friends on one platform. The main peculiarity of the app is that On Bumble, the girls make the first move. If a man and a girl are interested in each other, the girl has 24 hours to make the first step, and the man has 24 hours to answer her.


The app with a simple interface that is designed for romantic dating in accordance with the specified parameters and taking into account geolocation.

Facebook Dating

The app suggests potential partners based on the preferences, activities, and interests of users on their Facebook pages. Interestingly, the application will not show the profiles of those people with whom you are already “friends” on social networks until the Secret Crush function is activated.

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