What Are the Next Steps for Mobile Gaming?

Mobile Gaming

When it comes to entertainment, mobile gaming is a real success story of modern times. The figures certainly make for interesting reading, with the industry set to hit $100 billion in revenue by the end of 2021. Of course, this popularity is largely down to the mobile devices people have to play on now and the games that are available to play. When you also factor in the constant tech innovation around mobile games, it is no surprise to see the industry in such great health.

Its recent outstanding performance has many people predicting even greater things as it forges ahead. But what are the next steps this sector could take?

Online casino play set to remain popular

Mobile gaming and the growth of the online casino gaming sector go hand in hand for many people. This is because the convenience and powerful tech that modern mobile devices offer makes them ideal for playing online casino games. As a result, people have taken to playing fast-paced slots or games like roulette when needing to kill time. If you have never tried this type of mobile gaming before, the games at SkyCity casino will give you a superb idea of what to expect.

When looking at the next steps for mobile gaming, it seems certain that playing online casino games will remain popular and even increase its prevalence. With the next-gen 5G rollout in full steam and ever more sophisticated mobile devices to play on, this niche within mobile gaming can only continue to attract more people.

Controls and graphics should get even better

We have mentioned the increased innovation in mobile devices themselves and the impact this will have on mobile gaming. One specific facet of this that is likely to make waves is improved controls and graphics. As more well-known brands enter mobile gaming, the industry should be pushed to even greater heights. We can expect the control systems used on mobile games to be tweaked and optimized for an even better playing experience. The competition in mobile gaming is fierce for studios and this should also see graphics get better as they all push to lead the pack in this area.

AR and VR could really come to the fore

AR and VR is still the major talking point in terms of gaming’s future in general. This is certainly true for mobile play and many expect AR, in particular, to really take off. The impressive response to Pokémon Go seems to have paved the way for more mobile AR titles to come out and succeed. This could well see AR titles be THE game of choice for people in terms of future mobile play. VR is something many think could also take off in mobile games but this is not quite as straightforward as AR.

VR games need headsets connected to mobile devices to play and they are not always cheap. With no major VR breakthrough title like Pokémon Go yet, this sector is still waiting for its big moment. If the right content can be released and the right tech at the right price is launched, VR mobile play could take a real leap forward.

Major franchises should continue mobile migration

There is no doubt that modern mobile devices are getting faster and more powerful with each passing year. You only have to check out the latest iPhone 12 specifications to see that! This means that the next steps for mobile play should see more major franchises from PC or console gaming move over to the smaller screen. Now that mobile versions of these games can offer just as good a playing experience, there is no reason for it not to happen. It will, after all, give developers a huge new market to target! Mobile gaming, therefore, should see plenty more major game franchises – like Call of Duty: Mobile – show up in the coming years.

Future of mobile gaming is bright

Entertainment is a crucial part of our lives and helps us to find ways to relax. While watching TV or listening to some music are the more timeless of our leisure choices, playing games on mobile is up there with the best of experiences. When looking at the next steps this niche within gaming might take, it becomes clear that the future is bright for mobile play. As internet penetration and smartphone use steadily increase around the world, it seems sensible to assume that playing games on mobile devices will also rise. As with the rest of gaming, it will be the ability of mobile play to adapt and innovate which will be key.

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