Types of Players At A Casino: Which One Are You?

Types of Players At A Casino 1

The stakes have changed, technology has changed, but humanity’s love affair with gambling goes on. Whether it’s betting on the outcome of a hockey match, or playing online poker in Canada, gambling is a lot of fun. Different people enjoy gambling for different reasons. Some do it for the thrill, others hope to make some money, and others enjoy the social aspect of gambling. However, not all casino players are the same. We will now take a look at some of the different types of players at a casino. Let’s get started.

Types Of Players At A Casino: All You Need To Know

Regular player

Regular players are the golden mean. These are gamblers who gamble for fun. They tend to play with small amounts of money and usually don’t take gambling too seriously. If you meet these criteria, you are a regular player:

  • you play intermittently, without gambling binges; 
  • you gamble with small amounts of money;
  • you do not view gambling as an opportunity to make money;
  • you think that gambling is the same way to have fun as shopping or going to the cinema.


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Addicts are gamblers who cannot stop gambling, even if it causes them problems. They often gamble more than they can afford to lose and lie to friends and family about their gambling habits. These players are often attracted to games that are easily accessible, such as online games and slot machines. If you recognize yourself in these statements, you might want to seek help for your addiction:

  • you can’t stop gambling even if it isn’t fun;
  • you bet way more than you can afford;
  • you often lie to friends and family about your gambling habits;
  • you believe that you can stop at any time, but you have never succeeded in doing so.

Thrill Seeker

Some people gamble for the thrill. These players are often attracted to high-stakes games where they can win (or lose) a lot of money in a short period of time. They are attracted to adrenaline. These people like to take risks with their money and are always on the lookout for new and exciting games. If you meet these criteria, you are a thrill seeker:

  • you are always looking for new gambling experiences;
  • you like the feeling of adrenaline that comes with gambling;
  • you are willing to take risks;
  • you are attracted to high-stakes games.


Socializers are gamblers who enjoy the social aspect of gambling. They love to play with friends and often stay longer in casinos for the atmosphere. These players are attracted to games where they can interact with other players, such as poker and blackjack. If you are a socializer, you will recognize yourself in these statements:

  • you enjoy the social aspect of gambling;
  • you prefer to gamble with friends and family;
  • you love casinos because of their special atmosphere;
  • you find that gambling is more enjoyable when you are not playing alone.


Optimists always hope for a big win when they gamble. These players are often attracted to games with large jackpots, such as slots and lotteries. They believe that their luck will eventually pay off and they will hit the jackpot. If you recognize yourself on this list, you are an optimistic player:

  • you believe that your luck will bring you a good win in the end;
  • you think that gambling is a way to earn some money;
  • you are always looking for a way to hit the big jackpot;
  • you are attracted to games with high jackpots.


Pessimists are the exact opposite of optimists. They believe that they will never win and often give up after a few losses. Such players generally prefer games with low odds, such as blackjack and roulette. They believe that the casino always wins in the end, and do not see much point in investing in such a hobby. If you meet these criteria, you are a pessimist:

  • you believe you will never win;
  • you give up after several defeats;
  • you believe that the casino is always in a better position than you;
  • you don’t see much point in gambling.


Statisticians are gamblers who rely on numbers and probability to make decisions. They often use different betting systems and complex strategies to try to beat the casino. They believe they can use their knowledge of probability to improve their odds. You might be a statistician if these apply to you:

  • When making decisions, you rely on numbers and probability theory;
  • you often use systems and strategies to try to win;
  • you believe that knowledge and skills increase your chances of beating the casino.


Professional gamblers make a living from gambling. They often play with large sums of money and take gambling very seriously. These players are often attracted to games that are difficult for other players to win, such as poker and blackjack. They believe that gambling is a great way to make money quickly. Pros are very easy to recognize among other players:

  • the pro sticks to one or two games all evening;
  • the pro is always collected and tense;
  • the pro spends a lot of time in the casino;
  • a pro will never help other players if they are playing with him in the same game.

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