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Just as many other countries, Canada has a fickle relationship with gambling. Most forms of gambling are legal, and while it’s illegal to offer online casino services from Canada, Canadian players are welcome to visit foreign online casinos. This gives Canadian players a lot of choices for reputable online casinos with licenses in Malta and the UK. Consequently, it’s easier to find a casino than to know which one to choose. Luckily, there’s always a list of online casinos available for Canadian players. Below, we’ll show you which casino works best for you, and how to spot key indicators of a good and reliable casino.

Casino Reviews

The first and easiest way to find the best online casino in Canada is to read casino reviews. This immediately offers a number of benefits. First of all, the reviews allow you to compare many different casinos in a short time span. Even if you don’t sign up for every possible casino to compare, browsing the hundreds of online casinos available for Canadian players will take a long time. Casino reviews are written by experts or other players, giving you an insider look into the experience of joining that casino.

Although bad reviews are generally written by disgruntled players, seeing the same issues come up over and over will allow you to see a pattern. Furthermore, reviews from specialized websites often read between the lines, giving you an edge over your own experiences. In short, casino reviews allow you to learn from the mistakes of others and give you the chance to weed through hundreds of offers in a short time span. 

Bonus offers

At first sight, bonus offers may say little about the reliability of a casino, but bonus offers often can be a deciding factor in choosing the right casino. There are a few different considerations when it comes to bonus offers. First of all, make sure that the bonus of a casino offers fits you, your playing style, and your budget. Many casinos will offer thousands of dollars in a deposit bonus, but they often require you to deposit a multifold of the bonus money – if you plan to deposit $500 or less, you’re probably better off finding a casino with generous bonus terms than high matches.

These bonus terms often reveal a lot about how a casino operates and how it does business. A casino that offers huge amounts and then makes it really hard to clear the bonus will probably have a similar attitude towards paying out and working for its players. Understanding the bonus and seeing the hurdles a company puts up tells you more about a casino than you might have realized.

Customer Service

Another key indicator of a good casino is its customer service. As this is the first line of contact with players, how seriously a casino takes its customer service is a reflection of how much players matter to the casino. In a surprising amount of casinos, customer service is a neglected part of the casino. Representatives can be unresponsive, unprofessional, and not know a lot about the casino. Since these are the same people that ought to help you when you’ve got a problem, making sure the customer service department is up to par can make a world of difference in your experience with a casino.


The gambling license of a casino enables it to offer its services to players. For Canadian players, online casinos have to be so-called offshore casinos, meaning they are based abroad. In practice, this means most Canadian players end up playing at a casino with a license from the island of Malta or the United Kingdom. There are other licenses, too, but none that compete with the reliability of a UK or Malta license.

These two licenses have strict rules about how casinos should take care of players. They also allow players to find a third party to direct their casino complaints to, so that you’re not alone when you find yourself at odds with a casino. Better licenses are more expensive and as a result immediately communicate a commitment to a good player environment.

Payment options

Lastly, you can gauge the overall quality of a casino by its payment methods in a few different ways. First, a casino that lacks commonly used payments often has a problem. For example, Visa and Mastercard refuse to work with casinos operating from questionable jurisdictions. Next, the payment methods and terms reveal a lot about how a casino operates. Does it charge a fee for withdrawals? Does it have an absurdly high minimum withdrawal amount? Does it take a week for payments to come through? Each of these can be a red flag that should prompt you to look elsewhere.

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