The Capability of Deck at Boosting Your Home Value: Everything You Need to Know

The Capability of Deck at Boosting

While considering an outdoor renovation project, one of the most common questions many homeowners ask is whether the decking is capable of boosting the overall value of their property or not. Even though there are different types of decking options available in the market, most people don’t even know whether it’s effective or not. In short, a deck will undoubtedly boost your property value, but the factor will depend on the quality of the material as well as the installation technique of the company. 

To help you know more about decking and decide whether you need to consider it for your outdoor patio or not, we will share some crucial pieces of information. Make sure you read this article to the end to know more. 

Decking Is Associated with Outdoor Curb Appeal 

When you choose a deck from a reputed company, it will never fail to boost the overall appeal of your outdoor space. When you live in big cities, you might not get a vast space for gardening. This is why when you consider decking; you can boost the value of your house by more than 10% as it will improve the perception of the buyer regarding the availability of living space within that property. 

Not to mention, when you choose wooden decking, you will receive more than 82% of the ROI, which is perfect for people who have plans to sell their house. Apart from being incredibly versatile, you can choose any position you want for outdoor decking. 

Can the Decking Material Impact the Value?

This is one of the most important things you need to remember. Many people, who choose decking materials by considering their durability, lifespan, and weather-resistant feature, don’t know that the material will have a heavy impact on the value-boosting property of the decking. As per HGTV, painting the interior and exterior can also boost property value. Here are the different types of decking materials you should choose for your garden. 

Wooden Decking 

This is the best material option you can find in the decking as it will look superb in any garden. Unlike the other materials, wooden decking is cost-effective as well is highly effective at providing your home value an eye-catching boost. 

However, you might need to pay close attention to the care and maintenance process of the wooden decking. When you install wooden decking with the help of a professional of Quality Built Exteriors, you can leverage its benefits for years. 

Composite Decking 

Composite decking is another option you can find in the market where the material is made of a combination of fiber, wood, and plastic. Just like the wooden decking, the composite decking will also look super eye-catching in any garden. Some specific composite decking might also last longer than wooden decking depending on the installation quality. The composite decking is not only super durable but also long-lasting. But they are more expensive than wooden decking. Additionally, they might not prove as effective as wooden decking in terms of boosting the value of your house. 


This is everything you need to know about the impact of wooden decking on your property value. Consider contacting us or visiting our website if you need our assistance. 

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