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Some Essential Tips and Tricks for Training Your Dogs to Become Obedient

Some Essential Tips and Tricks for Training Your Dogs to Become Obedient

When you are a pet parent, you should train your pets very well. It is often difficult to know where to start with the training. So, professional training programs are required to get some handy tips to train your dogs. Let us go through some essential tips and tricks for training your pet dogs.

Apply Techniques of Positive Reinforcement

Most vets recommend positive reinforcement techniques. These training techniques are effective when you reward your pets for their good behavior instead of punishing them during their bad behavior. Whenever your dog shows any good behavior, you should positively react to them, and reward them for the behavior, and by rewarding you are reinforcing the association with good things and good behavior.

Keep Consistency

When you are training your dogs, consistency is one of the key factors. While asking your pet to do something on your instruction, you should use a polite tone and should maintain consistency.  All your family members should follow the same page when you are training your dog. If you are allowing your dog to lie down on your couch, but your partner is not, they will get confused.

Select the Right Reward

Some dogs get motivated by food and they will respond accordingly. You should therefore select some edible treats for your pet dog, when they do something good. Some dogs are choosy eaters and they prefer chewy treats instead of crunchy ones. Momentum K9 board and train will help you in selecting the right reward for your pets according to their preference. Some dogs may not be interested in food at all. They may want a lot of affection or a quick play session with their favorite toys.

Short and Frequent Training Sessions

Short training sessions are more effective than longer ones. Dogs sometimes struggle in generalizing commands in different situations and places. For example, the command for sitting at home may seem to be the same as sitting in the busy streets. Thus, you should repeat the instructions in different locations with different people and varied levels of distractions. This will help your puppies in learning the correct commands in different situations.

Build Your Training in Stages

You should start with training in different stages. When you want to get rid of any unwanted behavior, you should start building different stages in training your dogs. The behaviors need to be broken into different smaller parts. When you are instructing with ‘come’ you should praise even if it steps one step ahead. It gets easier to train your puppies with small steps to build their good behavior.

Make the Training a Fun Session

Both you and your dog should not take any stress while the training sessions. The entire process should be fun. Make sure the dog remains energetic and enjoys performing different tricks.


When you are training your puppies, you should take smaller steps each time.  If you are using different commands, make sure you are using the commands in different locations and different situations to help them get accustomed to the instructions. Read more about pets on Pawww.

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