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Rusty Water in the Tap is Never a Good Thing–What Should You Do in Such a Situation?

It can be a disturbing experience when you find that there is rusty water from the tap. And when you aren’t aware of the reason, you can get even more bothered. You need to know how to fix the plumbing system’s rusty water.

If the reason for the discoloration of the home water is rusty pipes, you need to address the same. To know more about this, you can check out Superior Plumbing & Heating of Barrie.

Fixing the brown water from the faucets

There are several ways to address this problem. The following solutions can help you:

1. When all the cold and hot water becomes brown

You can call the water supply company about this. Something must have taken to the water main or the fire hydrant nearby. The city may be carrying out the pipe system maintenance and can get inadvertently stirred by specific sediment. You should say the moment the water can get cleared again and all that they are getting done for fixing the issue at hand.

The moment the utility work gets done, you need to run the taps for a few minutes to avoid orange water. The brown water in the toilet has a scope to disappear after a few flushes as the water supply gets refreshed.

2. When the hot water gets discolored

It would help if you tried to flush and drain the water heater tank. The rusty water is the outcome of the sediment that gets developed over a span of time. It is always a great idea for you to flush and drain the tank twice annually either way. That aside, the sediment development could be more fruitful for the water because it leads to water heater leaks.

You also need to check that the anode rod doesn’t get dissolved. Also, the rod can attract corrosive minerals in the water farther from the water heater tank to extend its life. And after about five years, the anode rod will get dissolved and can get replaced by the local plumber.

3. When the cold water gets discolored as it gets out of the faucet

It would help if you started running the faucets at absolute pressure many times till the water gets cleared totally. Sometimes, a very small rust amount can be dislodged from the inner pipe walls and enter the water supply. When the problem is minor, all you need to do is just run the water to clean the rust and clear the water.

Finally, if the water appears rusty and the issue occurs right after you flush the rust, it can be because the pipes have corroded. And when there is excess rust development and corrosion in the water supply pipes, the minerals can leach inside the water. Until you substitute the affected lines, brown water will be from within the cold tap. Therefore, you need to get in touch with a plumber to address and resolve the issue at hand.

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