Mobile Gaming on the Rise

mobile gaming

The number of mobile gamers has increased from 1.2 billion users to 1.75 billion mobile gamers in 2020. The prediction for this growth is that this trend will continue well into 2021, and it is expected for the mobile gaming community to rise to 2.6 billion gamers.  

Needless to say, this is great proof that the mobile gaming market has exploded in popularity, especially with the technological advancements that made smartphones portable computers. That said, there are great advantages of mobile gaming and important factors that trigger this growth. Below will provide an overview of the main reasons why mobile gaming is on the rise.  


Convenience is a huge factor that made mobile gaming a popular activity for a lot of casual gamers and regular users that haven’t previously shown interest in gaming. The fact is that users enjoy playing mobile games on the move, which is a huge advantage for this sector, especially since mobile games are readily available for download. So, users can simply pull out their smartphones and start playing right away. 

Actually, this is also a crucial factor for the growth of other entertainment sectors, including the online gambling sector. Users today can access in just a couple of taps an abundance of mobile-optimized online casinos with the same selection of options on desktop devices. So, if you want to check out UK casino bonuses or find out more about different promotions, you can do that from your mobile device.  

The same applies to casino games because the developers have worked to ensure that the casino game is created to provide a smooth gaming experience on the move. In other words, users will find high-quality mobile versions of every casino game that is also available on desktop devices.  

Affordable Options 

The prices of mobile devices, in general, are significantly lower than the price of a lot of desktop computers and laptops. Although there are high-end smartphones, that isn’t a prerequisite for passionate gamers to access the latest titles and play their favorite games. Actually, a lot of users choose to buy budget-friendly models, and they are still able to pick from a wide variety of quality titles.  

In addition, the mobile games that are developed for smartphones can be downloaded for free, which is another advantage that triggers the popularity of mobile gaming. Even though there are users that want to purchase certain games, the price is still lower than the price of game console titles or video games, for that matter. 

Tech Innovations 

Besides the accessibility of smartphones, there are other benefits that make mobile gaming appealing to many different audiences. The first innovation is the deployment of 5G networks. 5G networks will make mobile gaming even better for users that want to play online multiplayer games, for example. Otherwise, it will improve the performance of the games because 5G networks come with higher Internet speeds, lower latency, and better capacity. 

This is a great innovation that will further improve the profitability of mobile games and introduce a smoother gaming experience on the move for the users. 

Another important technological innovation in the market is cloud gaming. Cloud gaming, much like video-on-demand, has become popular because it provides an opportunity for mobile gamers to choose from a huge library of titles, including the latest modern titles, while at the same time they don’t need to buy expensive gaming gear or new devices. 

In other words, the game is streamed to the mobile device of the user from a remote server, and there is no need for every user to continue to update their gaming equipment in order to play new and cutting-edge games.  

This is a great innovation that appeals to serious gamers that are interested in having a seamless gaming experience on every device. It also minimizes the costs for the gamers, as we said because they are only required to pay a monthly subscription fee in order to access the gaming selection.  

Other technological innovations that are integrated into the sector that provide realistic gaming experiences are virtual reality and augmentative reality technology. VR technology is easily adopted for mobile gaming, while thanks to the technological advances in this sector, the users are able to have an interactive gaming experience on the move. AR technology also shows great potential to revolutionize this sector by providing an immersive gaming experience to mobile users. One example is the huge worldwide hit Pokémon Go.  

Final Thoughts  

Mobile gaming changed the landscape of the gaming industry, and today, it represents one of the most profitable sectors worldwide. The advantages offered by mobile gaming are not only associated with its affordability and accessibility but also with the ever-expanding range of high-quality mobile games and the opportunity for the users who have an immersive gaming experience on the go.  

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