How Memory Care Homes Can Help Seniors with Dementia

Staff at nursing home assisting happy senior woman

If your loved one is living with dementia, you want to do anything you can to make them feel safe and comfortable. But, sometimes, it can be challenging for you to give your loved one the complete attention they need. During this time, you may want to seek help from memory care home with specialized staff.

Finding a reputable and family-oriented residence like one of the Sagecare dementia homes can help your loved one receive assistance around-the-clock. A retirement residence with a home-like setting can benefit your aging parent or partner in many ways.

Close Attention & Specialized Care

There are many different types of dementia that can affect an individual’s brain. Although there are some similar symptoms among the different types, each form of dementia is different and can uniquely affect every individual. A memory care home with high staffing to resident ratio allows a high level of nursing care.

The staff at memory care homes are trained to identify the best ways to deal with different forms of dementia and help seniors depending on their symptoms and behaviours. A professional retirement home can ease your mind as your loved one will get specialized care and close attention, allowing them to say safe at all times.

Comfortable & Home-Like Setting

It can be difficult for a senior to transition into a new environment. But, moving into a comfortable and home-like setting can help them feel comfortable and adjust to the changes more quickly. Finding a senior with dementia in a family-oriented home will allow them to age in place.

You can add a few personal touches to your family member’s room to make the setting more comfortable. Talk to the management and consider hanging up photos or adding some décor from their old room.

Opportunity to Socialize

Loneliness and boredom are common concerns among seniors with any form of dementia. A study found that social isolation and loneliness affect approximately one-third to one-half of the elderly population. The effects of loneliness can be worse for seniors living with dementia due to the changes in their brain, impacting their emotions.

Living in a memory care home will help your loved ones meet new people and encourage them to socialize. Talking to more people and mutually engaging in activities will keep their brains stimulated and keep them happy.

Motivation to Engage in Activities

Many memory care homes offer memory-engaging activities to stimulate the residents’ minds. Participating in certain activities, such as puzzles, group games, or physical exercise, can reduce cognitive decline among seniors with dementia.

The staff at memory care homes can motivate your loved ones to engage in activities, which may not be possible if they live alone or with family members who may not have sufficient time or knowledge.

It is natural to feel the desire to take care of your loved one at home. But, dementia is a life-changing disease, and it can be challenging to manage the symptoms without professional help, especially at an advanced stage. Seek help from a memory care home to ensure that your loved one is always safe and sound.

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