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How Fire Alarm Testing Is Done?

How fire alarm testing is done

Fire alarm is somewhat like the most important thing in nowadays. The world is progressing faster. And it’s no more difficult to save yourself from fire. Because fire alarms are just wow. But what if your fire alarms do not work properly. Sorry, but you won’t be able to overcome the fire in that case. Do you want that? Obviously, no. Because no one is ready to suffer from this situation.

If you want your fire alarm testing work properly then you will have to test it first. The ways of testing fire alarms are little bit tricky. But don’t worry at all as I am here to guide you. All you need to do is to stay tuned with me. If you are not familiar with the way of testing fire alarm then read the following article with focus.

Testing of fire alarm

The testing of fire alarm is so easy that you guys can’t even imagine. There are just few steps that you will have to follow. There are two types of testing. We will check them one by one.

1. By using alarm panel code:

  • First of all, put the test key into the fire alarm at bottom.
  • Then start typing 2143. This is the code that you will have to type if you are testing the fire alarm by utilizing panel code.
  • Now, it’s time to access LED illuminates.
  • After that, press the silence key whose color is red.
  • Now, push the fire alarm point in upward direction. This is the important step for resetting it.
  • Then, there will be reset key in green color. Press that key.
  • For exit, click on exit mode access key that is in green color.

Your testing is done by utilizing alarm panel code method.

2. By using alarm panel key:

This is another easy method that you can follow.

  • Insert the test key from bottom into fire alarm.
  • Then, turn the key in anti-clock wise direction.
  • Get the access to LED illuminates.
  • Press the silence key of red color.
  • Then push the fire alarm key in upward direction for resetting it
  • There will be a green reset key on panel. Press that key.
  • Then turn the key towards upward direction.

Your testing by using alarm panel key is done. See, how simple it was.

After how long, you should test fire alarms?

It is a basic environment in all the commercial buildings. You must check fire alarms on daily basis. If you can’t check it on daily basis then you should check it once in a week. Otherwise, you will not be familiar with whether it is working or not. Due to this, you can face a big loss.

Final verdict:

Making sure whether your alarms are working properly or not is quite important. Otherwise, there is no advantage of installing alarms in your buildings. Those folks who don’t know to test them must have an eye on the article written above. Thanks for reading.

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