How AI Can Change The Online Entertainment

Believe it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) has long been with us since the 1940s. Its application spans various industries like manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, and even entertainment. That early, AI was already in use but not so much popular as it is now.

The first-ever recorded use of AI technology was during World War II when it helped in cracking the secret codes communicated by the Germans. Also, little did we know that the very first chatting robot was Eliza, created in 1964. These inventions became instruments in building the society we live in today.

It seemed that artificial intelligence infiltrated the tech scene slowly but surely. Come to think of it: We can trace the roots of many discoveries and developments back to the erstwhile AI models. However, we are still in for a surprise due to its other capabilities in the present world.

It was only recently when the subject of artificial intelligence resurfaced and eventually exploded in popularity. All thanks to a few AI chatbots that re-introduced and breathed new life to the technology.

AI & The Entertainment Industry

A few decades saw people watching television and listening on the radio. These hobbies used to be enough for them to enjoy. Nowadays, it is all about the Internet, and we are in a different scenario.

Browsing social media, binge-watching streaming services, and playing online games are now taking most of our time. The day seems to be incomplete without doing them because in this digital age, its very overwhelming due to countless gadgets.

Every new device is a combination of different technologies. Currently, it is the AI that dominates and revolutionizes the entire entertainment business.

Personal Customization Of Services

AI’s most basic utility revolves around making services fit audience’s preferences and online behaviours. This is very much apparent in the recommendations we see when using Spotify and Netflix. By analysing users’ previous online habits and activities, AI is able to provide more focused content.

Clearly, this results in more titles suitable to your liking and makes your time in the app productive. As it receives more data, it nails down even the smallest details about your preferences.

It is important to note that it can also adjust your experience despite having certain limitations. Utilizing analytics and big data influences you to watch or listen to certain types of content. This is a win-win situation for content creators and consumers alike.

Optimized Search

AI is a near-perfect technology when it comes to accuracy and efficiency in research. Come to think of it; it basically reads through all the databases online in a matter of seconds. With this capability, it can easily provide you with the best possible search results.

One great example is searching for images using Google. In the 2000 Grammy Awards, Jennifer Lopez wore a stunning green dress from Versace. People raved so much about this dress that they started searching for its details online.

It is almost impossible to obtain the right results if not because of AI. Google bots are able to determine the kind of websites where the item is most visible. This capability also assists platforms like ClarifAI when searching for video clips.

Targeted Ads & Marketing

Speaking about advertisements, artificial intelligence has a lot to do with all the targeted ads online. Several businesses rely on social media in promoting their products. This relieves business owners from pressures that beset companies in terms of marketing processes. AI is one of the best tools that can take your business to the next level.

It can also help you find opportunities to expand online. There’s Alibaba’s Luban, an AI used to create banners for marketing. Apparently, it can make millions of designs in a day. Now, that’s quite amazing.

So, if you see ads for online casinos, don’t be afraid. The thought that someone on the Internet might be listening to your conversations is an exaggeration. Some people even think that AI is the one doing it. That’s not how it works.

Another interesting AI feature is its ability to create a trailer or even a film out of the clips found online. Both film and sports industry can benefit from this. As it can find the perfect moments in different events, it can strategically arrange film clips.

It is able to set the mood and create a storyline based on the trailer. Indeed, it is a great way to promote content.

Immersive Experience

Recent advancements in the quality of games stirred the gamers as they have been waiting for the next big thing. So, the use of AR and VR were introduced and AI is known to be present in both innovations. Wearing AR/VR glasses while playing makes you feel you’re looking from the inside part of the screen.

Building a virtual world was a far-fetched dream for many game developers in the past. Using AI helps software designers to create enchanting worlds to deliver the ultimate gaming experience. Besides that, tech titans such as Apple and Google are currently developing their own AR/VR glasses. This will definitely alter the way we use the internet.

Casinos and sportsbook operators also took a jab in adapting AI in their online websites. It doesn’t only it can help in promoting certain games to players. AI is able to detect fraudulent activities on the site, thus, creating a safer and more secure environment for punters.

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Artificial Intelligence Is The Future

Without a doubt, AI is among the best inventions of modern man. Right now, we are still trying to discover the limits of its potential. But for the most part, it has already transformed our lives for the better. The ease that it provides is more than enough, but we can expect it to do more in the coming years.

Having said that, some are expressing fear about what consequences may arise if people misuse it. Nevertheless, it leaves us to be the judge. We live in a world full of smart people who can always find ways to ascertain if a tool is performing to man’s advantage or not.

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