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Glancing At Charlotte Cardin’s Life: Biography and Life Story

Charlotte Cardin is a Canadian pop, electro and jazz singer who has been compared to Amy Winehouse while looking like Liv Tyler’s little sister. In fact, “You know I’m no good” was her first performance ever on a stage. This singer-songwriter’s real debut in the music scene happened with the widest possible audience on La Voix Canada, where she was a finalist in 2013. This was a complete u-turn from her initial modelling career and successful as the rising pop star is already considered one of Montreal’s best with two Juno nominations under her belt. The combination of her sultry voice with minimalist arrangements make each of her songs a true little gem, playing with different genres without ever losing in authenticity, it’s no wonder that two EPs, Big Boy (2016) and Main Girl (2017), each have certified Gold in Canada. Also, when she released her second EP: Main Girl EP in 2017, the title track reached #1 on the Radio 2 Top 20. Read more about the talented singer’s biography, facts, age, career, dating, body measurements and more:

Charlotte Cardin’s Life: Biography and Life Story 

Who is Charlotte Cardin? 

  • French Canadian vocalist Charlotte Cardin is a singer/songwriter. 
  • She studied medicine and worked as a model before launching her singing career. This is what she said about becoming a doctor:

“Even though I find being a doctor such a beautiful career, music is my true passion, it’s my calling and it’s what makes me so happy so it was just obvious that I had to do it, it wasn’t really a choice.”

  • Charlotte Cardin began her career as a model at the age of 15, where she appeared in advertising campaigns for Barila. This is what she took away from it: 

“Self-esteem is a very fragile thing and that you have to do everything you can to protect it. It can go really fast. The modelling industry just didn’t work for me; it was too unhealthy in ways that I couldn’t handle. I just saw things that made me so sad, a lot of unhealthiness and disease and psychological abuse. There’s a lot of that in music too but I’m just passionate about it so it’s easier to work around them; I wasn’t passionate about fashion so it wasn’t worth it being surrounded by that stuff.” 

“It’s funny because people always ask about the modelling, but it was only a student job for me — it was never something I actually wanted to pursue. It just sort of happened and I was really glad I did it. It was an easy way to make some money as a teenager. Music has been there since I was a kid and I never had to choose between the two, although I didn’t think it was possible to make music for a living. Once I realized it was my main passion, I focused on it. That’s when it actually happened and I got really lucky. Ending up on La Voix (The Voice) really opened up those doors for me. But I did work hard for them. It paid off.”

  • Born in Montreal (one of the best places to live in Canada) in 1994 to a French-speaking family, Cardin initially came to fame as a final contestant on the vocal competition show La Voix in 2013. After finishing in the top four, she was featured on French singer Garou’s track “Du Vent des Mots.”  She released her solo debut EP, Big Boy, in 2016 on Cult Nation Records. 

What are some Charlotte Cardin songs?

  • Main Girl
  • Dirty Dirty
  • Faufile
  • Les échardes
  • Talk Talk
  • Fous n’importe où  feat. CRi
  • Daniel Bélanger
  • Les Jupes
  • Double Shifts
  • California
  • Like It Doesn’t Hurt
  • Go Flex
  • Paradise Motion
  • Drive
  • Big Boy
  • The Kids

How old is Charlotte Cardin?

As of 2020, Charlotte Cardin (born November 9, 1994) celebrated her 26th birthday. 

Where is Charlotte Cardin from?

On 9th November 1994, Charlotte Cardin was born in Montreal, Quebec, the french speaking province of Canada.  She is Christian by religion. Her birth name is Charlotte Cardin-Goyer.  Her father was also a musician and this is what she said about having music around the house as she grew up: 

“My sister studied classical so you could always hear that throughout the house. My Dad was a huge rock ’n’ roll fan and my Mom even played the piano. Music was everywhere. But they had nothing to do with it. I honestly think it was just to challenge myself. I’d write little lullaby-type things for my own personal enjoyment and it went from there.

What genre is Charlotte Cardin?

Charlotte Cardin is known to blend electronic, jazz, R&B, folk and hip-hop music into an unforgettable fusion. She describes her genre as: “It’s pop but kind of electro, trip-hop, r&b and jazz-influenced. But it’s still pop.”

What has Charlotte Cardin done?

  • Charlotte Cardin was a Top 4 finalist in the first season of the TVA singing competition La Voix (The Voice)  in 2013.
  • She was featured on Garou’s album Au milieu de ma vie as a duet vocalist on the single “Du vent, des mots” in 2013. 
  • She appeared on the sister series The Voice: la plus belle voix in France to perform the song with Garou, a judge on that edition on 1st March 2014. 
  • She released her solo debut EP, Big Boy. 
  • She was awarded the Songwriting Prize finalist in the French division for her song “Les echardes”. She received another SOCAN Songwriting Prize nomination for “Main Girl” in the year 2018. 
  • She also made an appearance on the talk show Tout le monde en parle to discuss her mini-album in November 2016.
  • In the year 2017 she released her second EP, Main Girl which reached No. 1 on the Radio 2 Top 20.
  • She received two Juno Award nominations at the Juno Awards of 2018, for Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year for “Main Girl”, “Paradise Motion” and “The Kids”.
  • In the year 2019, Cardin and producer CRi collaborated on a cover of Daniel Belanger’s “Fous n’importe ou” and she appeared on Loud’s album Tout ca pour ca as a duet vocalist on the track “Sometimes, All the Time”.
  • A Top 4 finalist in the first season of the TVA singing competition La Voix in 2013, later the same year she was featured on Garou’s album Au milieu de ma vie as a duet vocalist on the single Du vent, des mots. 
  • At the 2017 SOCAN Songwriting Awards, she was a nominee in the English division for “Big Boy” and in the French division for “Faufile”, becoming the first artist in the history of the award to be nominated in these two categories in the same year.

Who is Charlotte Cardin dating?

Charlotte Cardin is single.

What is Charlotte Cardin’s height and weight?

The following is Charlotte Cardin’s body measurements and features:

Height: 5 ft 10 in / 178 cm

Weight: 137 lb / 62 kg

Breast/Bust size: 29 in / 76 cm

Waist size: 24 in / 63 cm

Hips size: 33 in / 84 cm

Bra size: 34A (US) / 75A (EU)

Cup size: A (US)

Dress Size: –

Shoe (Feet) Size: –

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Green

Nationality: Canadian

Race / ethnicity: White

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