Considering Catering for Your Long Weekend Bash

Catering for Your Long Weekend Bash

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It may be another pandemic summer, but if you live in the Toronto area and are already fully vaccinated, it is no longer a lockdown summer. That means that there are more opportunities to spend time with friends and family in a safe and responsible way. One of these possibilities is to plan a gathering that includes some of the people you have missed the most.

If you’re looking for ways to make your first gathering with friends feel even more special and exciting, a great option is to hire a caterer. As of July 16, 2021, the regulations for outdoor gatherings in Ontario allow for up to 100 people and indoor gatherings allow up to 25 people. So as long as you are sure to remain cautious regarding all of the recommended safety regulations, you can host an event that will work wonderfully with professional catering. 

Creating a Memorable Event

It’s a well-known fact that one of the keys to long-lasting memories is to be sure to provide delicious food. That’s why the best way to turn any regular event into a spectacular one is to hire a proven Toronto catering company that will guarantee that your guests leave with fabulous memories. Long weekend holidays are meant to be memorable, so it’s about time we all got back to treating them that way.

A Celebratory Moment in History

The main reason that the last century experienced a decade known as the roaring twenties was that people living at that time were ready to celebrate after experiencing the malaise of the first world war. The end of 2021 and onward is already shaping up to look like a similar kind of celebratory period of history – one that encourages everyone to go all out when it comes to festivities.

Extra Special Events

Along with regular long weekend celebrations, many people will soon be returning to their plans for momentous occasions that they have been putting off due to the need for social distance. These might be the type of events that we all associate with catered food, but this year they can also include just about any gathering that you want to make even more distinct.

Some of the types of get-togethers that would benefit from a catering service during an upcoming holiday weekend include:

  • Weddings
  • Bridal Showers
  • Baby Showers
  • Retirement Parties
  • Corporate Events
  • Birthdays

These are just some of the options. You may even want to organize a special event to celebrate a reunion of you’re most essential friends. After all, now that people can gather together safely again, no one needs to be making excuses to enjoy the best things in life with great company.

Personal Chef

One of the most impressive features that you can introduce to a catered event is to hire a personal chef to present their culinary masterpieces in person. Just imagine how luxurious it will feel to treat the people who matter most in your life to a catered event that includes a private personal chef to introduce everyone to their most incredible edible creations.

If you want to make your next special event truly special, hire a professional caterer to provide a selection of food that is bound to thrill. This is the year to go all out. Contact a local catering expert today.

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