Benefits of Buying Home Insurance in Canada

Benefits of Buying Home Insurance in Canada

Your home is a space where you can be true to yourself and kick back after a hectic day. There’s no denying that your house is one of your most valuable possessions, ringing with the familiarity of fond memories and old belongings. You need to protect this space.

Statistics show that the crime severity index in Canada stands at 73.44. As a homeowner, you should consider taking some necessary precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones against robberies and natural disasters.

One way to ease your worries is by getting your house insured. Home insurance can act as your best friend in unexpected situations and is often a requirement if you want a mortgage. In this article, we’ll look at a few reasons you should consider insuring your home for both your safety and finances.

1.    It Covers Your Personal Belongings

Getting your home covered doesn’t just protect the structure you live within but also the objects you keep inside it. If any of your items get damaged or stolen, you can gain compensation to repurchase them since they come under the coverage policy. This includes clothes, bikes, kitchen appliances, tools, furniture, and almost every other device or product that is a part of your house. It’s also common for home insurance to cover the items kept inside your car, unlike the case with auto insurance.

2.    Both Inside and Outside Damages are Covered

It’s no secret that houses are expensive to maintain, and nobody wants to buy decoration pieces or lawn mowers all over again in the wake of a break-in that upturns belongings left and right. Be it a newly purchased home, a run-down older property, or something in between, you might have to bear the brunt of exterior and interior damage at any time. These situations can catch you off guard and lead to a lot of stress. It’s always a good idea to prepare beforehand by buying insurance that includes coverage for all parameters of your house. Better to be safe than sorry.

3.    Inclusion of Fire-Induced Liabilities

Many things can cause a fire, such as an electrical short circuit in your house while you’re at work or running some errands. A fire can be disastrous because of the rate at which it spreads – not only will it burn down your property, but it will also start creeping into your neighbor’s territory. Often, nobody notices a fire until it’s too late, escalating matters beyond control.

In a fire case affecting surrounding estates, you will likely be held responsible for causing damage to other people’s houses. With liability protection, you avoid shouldering the massive burden of having to provide compensation which is why you should invest in home insurance as soon as possible.

4.    Personal Liability Coverage

Accidents are a common part of life and often unavoidable. Suppose you invite someone over for dinner or a game night, and they end up sustaining an injury due to some activity. Even if the injury isn’t your fault, you can be deemed legally liable to pay for any injury-related costs incurred by the individual.

When you possess a homeowner’s policy, you have a personal coverage option of at least $100,000 in damages, as provided by most insurance companies. Imagine having to pay that big an amount out of your own wallet – it would set you back quite a bit.

5.    Paying For Expenses During and After Emergencies

We hope such a tragedy never occurs, but in the circumstance that you’re left without a place to live, a homeowner’s insurance can become a necessity. In the chaos of emergencies, it’s an option you should always have to fall back on.

A majority of home insurance policies will look out for you, your family, and even your domestic pets by providing you with a temporary residence until it’s safe to return to your property. For example, in light of widespread flooding due to burst pipes or a life-threatening storm, you can reach out to your insurance company on their 24/7 helpline.

6.    Mortgage Requirement

If you wish to take out a mortgage, you’ll most likely need to provide insurance for the estate. The mortgage lender’s loan security is, essentially, your house, and it makes sense that the lender wants to ensure its protection. It’s in their best financial interest to ensure that the property is covered against damages, such as storms, hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes.

Typically, a mortgage provider offers to sell you homeowner coverage, but it’s recommended to look around for other insurance policies, compare prices, and then decide on one.


Home insurance is a financial security net you shouldn’t have to think too long about investing in. While not perfect, it’s hard to disregard the many benefits it has to offer. If you don’t possess home insurance in Canada already, don’t delay this process any longer. Carry out thorough research on insurance companies in your area, and narrow down your choices until you find the perfect fit for you and your property.

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