4 Interesting Toys to Try for a Great Sexperience

Despite the popularity of sex toys today, some don’t know which best sex machines in 2021 to try. The internet may suggest many different sex toys you can buy. However, don’t be deceived by those misleading advertisements. Like any product, it may work for some, but it will not always work for you.

To help you understand which is best for you, here’s the list of exciting sex toys you can try and how to use them.


Number one on the list is our very famous sex toy—the dildo. It is the newest and most innovative sex toys that created noise in the market. Dildo works by penetrating to your genital or anally and retracting, expanding back and forth.

These intense sex toys take care of achieving your sexual pleasure. You no longer need to use your finger just to feel the penetration, and you can reach your climax without a partner. It is best to use for solo sessions and partnered with vibrators.

Autoblow Masturbator

Are you tired of touching your penis, sliding it up and down on your own? Well, that’s obviously boring. A masturbator like auto blow is the best toy for you. In TechCrunch article, Sloan the creator, says that the Autoblow 2 is a strong male robotic masturbator that gives men a feeling similar to that of a sexual experience in real life.

In short, it is an electronic gadget that makes the penis feel very good. Autoblow A.I is one of their best-selling masturbators as well. It has interchangeable sleeves made from artificial skin material, and it feels so real and easy to clean. An edge button is available to press to pause and press again to resume the same experience and at the same speed.

If you feel like changing the speed in the middle of your blowjob session, just press the minus and plus buttons or speed control. Enjoy its ten different speeds for each blowjob experience. This item uses a microchip and four sensors to control the action. The sensor moves the sleeve and the gripper to any 250 different points. Also, there’s no need to worry about battery failure — you can plug it into any wall outlets in your room.

It is so simple to use, just put your penis inside the gripper and sleeve, which feels like a real mouth, and enjoy nine different blowjobs plus an enhanced A.I blowjob that works differently every time. Goodbye to your boring hands, and enjoy this hands-free vibrator.

Finger Vibrators 

These can turn your hands into vibrators, each finger a dildo, usually rubbery (or ridged) pads that you put over your fingertips. They are typically made of an elastic ring with a pleasure-providing cushion. The heavier the bullet, the more intense the emotions it will bring.

Many finger vibrators can feel rough when used raw on a clitoris or other vulnerable areas. They would also need lubricant. Before applying it in more sensitive places, map the vibrators over the breasts, hips, inner thighs, and back to taunt your mate. Feel free to switch the more down it lies, the more power you can have, where it perches on your finger.

Rabbit Vibrators

An article published by Bustle on August 10, 2019, featured the rabbit vibrators used in the very iconic movie, Sex & The City. It is undeniable that this sex toy gives intense sexual pleasure to many, especially women. The rabbit vibrators penetrate the vagina while touching your clitoris. Many women don’t know yet how powerful the satisfaction you can feel when your clitoris is being played with this toy.

Sigmund Freud, who investigated the “dark content” of female sexuality, said that a woman could not claim sexual maturity unless she experienced the “amputated penis,” the clitoris.

Rabbit vibrators can help you achieve that sexual maturity. It allows both your vagina and clitoris to be aroused at once. You can try it at different speeds and intensities of vibration. You only need to set the rabbit vibrator to your preferred optimal movements and pace.


You’ve got it there! You are too excited, surely, to go shopping right now to get these bad babies. Just a reminder that before you order one of these toys, make sure that the store is verified and approved to avoid possible health problems.

Be sure to be safe and clean while enjoying these exciting sex toys. If you can buy them directly to the manufacturer’s online stores, then that would be perfect! Go ahead and pick your best bet and try them tonight!

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