6 Ways to Save When Finishing a Basement

6 Ways to Save When Finishing a Basement

It’s smart that you’re thinking of finishing your basement. You will raise the value of your property and have a large space to turn into anything you want. However, finishing a basement can be pricey. I’ve discussed the best tips that will help you save below. Let’s get to it.

Paint the Walls

Paint your basement’s walls yourself instead of hiring anyone to do this. Now, the color you choose is up to you. However, be sure you like the one you choose. You’ll have to buy new paint to repaint the space, otherwise. 

Be on Time 

When you spend too much time on a renovation project, no matter which part of your home you’re working on, you will go over budget. You will likely fix and redo many things. Also, if you wait longer, the price of supplies and materials can go up as well. 

Don’t do Too Much

You may have a large unfinished basement that you can transform into anything. However, just because you have a huge canvas to work with, this doesn’t mean that you should bring your wildest dreams to life. Large scale projects cost the most, so be simple with the renovations to the space. It might be wise to just turn it into an entertainment room than several smaller bedrooms with bathrooms. 


Basements are humid; there’s nothing you can do to change this. Although this point won’t help you save money, it will help prevent the cash you’ll be spending from going down the drain – place a dehumidifier once you finish your basement so that you’d want to spend more time in it. It’d be very easy for the humidity in the space to make spending time in it uncomfortable, otherwise. 

You don’t have to buy a dehumidifier brand new. A second hand one will work perfectly.

Find the Best Contracting Team

Finishing a basement is a lot of work. You won’t be able to take on the whole project yourself. Make sure that the basement company you hire knows what they are doing. Or, you may have to pay to get their work redone, otherwise. 

As you can imagine, some contracting teams would charge lower rates than others. Look around to find one that will offer quality service at a lower price. Don’t be afraid to take your time when searching for a team to finish your basement in Ottawa

Do the Work Yourself 

To work on a lot of the renovations in your basement, your contracting team would have to get permits. Speak to them and find out the work that has to be done that doesn’t require permits or codes. Most likely, these jobs would be small. You can do them yourself. 

Considering everything discussed, what do you think? There are several ways to save when renovating an unfinished basement, thankfully. One of the best would be to hire a contracting team carefully. Otherwise, you might have to pay to get the work they did redone. 

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