3 Innovative Ways to Earn Extra Money in Canada

Innovative Ways to Earn Extra Money in Canada

Times are tough. Even with an advanced degree, it can be challenging to find the career of your dreams. For the many Canadians facing this realization, the option to settle for less just won’t cut it. For those who aim to partake in the new “gig” economy, the main goal is to increase your income in brand new ways rather than follow a traditional route.

Changing Career Ambitions

The traditional career path is a thing of the past. People young and old are seeking alternative ways to make extra income. Given increased competition in the Canadian job market and the diversification of skills in new workers, creative entrepreneurs are pursuing more diversified work experiences. If you’re among those looking for new ways to generate income, these innovative ideas might provide the jumpstart you need.

1) eCommerce

If you’ve got a background in business and the ability to create a practical or creative product, then selling online is your best route. This option does not require traditional business costs, such as paying for a physical storefront or space at a local market. It also allows for ample opportunity for free marketing on social media platforms.

Suppose you’d like to sell a product online but are having trouble getting started. In that case, you can get online assistance for learning how to build a website designed for sales or even use an existing service like Etsy to get your online business rolling.

2) Passive Income

Passive income refers to any means of generating income that doesn’t involve continual direct involvement. While many ways that people generate passive require substantial investments, that is not always the case. When artists receive royalties for work they produced in the past, this is an example of passive income.

Some careers also have options for generating passive income built-in. For example, dentists who collect the materials left over from repairs can sell that dental scrap in Canada to companies that can refine these materials for resale.

3) Specialty Blogging

While blogs and vlogs are not discussed as often as they once were, they remain as popular as ever. The secret to becoming a successful blogging personality is finding a niche market to cover that will attract as many followers as possible. Topics like travelling, cooking and crafting are usually good options.

You can generate an even larger following when you expand your blog by linking it to social media channels. Once your popularity grows, you can reach out to companies for sponsorship or perks in exchange for product reviews.

While this route might not result in cold hard cash, many popular bloggers are able to gain perks like cruise tickets, meals at restaurants and free stays at large hotels that end up saving them substantial amounts of money.

When you face difficulties in life, you are given an option to either give up or overcome that obstacle by taking up the challenge. Find your new way to generate income today.

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