3 Great Places for Ex-Pats to Live in British Columbia

Great Places for Ex-Pats to Live in British Columbia

British Columbia is nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The geographical location means it is packed full of beauty, which is what makes it so appealing to ex-pats. The province of British Columbia is one of the most populated in Canada and has an extremely low unemployment rate. Whether you’re looking for a picturesque place to retire to or somewhere to make a start in life, British Columbia has something for everyone. Below, we give you our top three places.


Vancouver is the largest and most well-known city in British Columbia. Ex-pats looking to settle here will benefit from stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and a climate that brings barely any snow. However, if you need your fill of winter for the year, there are some top-quality winter sports venues just a few hours away.

This city is often ranked the highest worldwide in terms of quality of life. There is a huge mix of cultures, with people all over the world heading to Vancouver to settle down. You could be living surrounded by Australians and Europeans all on the same street. If food is your vice, you will find a great range of international cuisine. Further, if you enjoy a touch of shopping for food, and your health and wellbeing are important to you, look for places in B.C. where you can grab Kombucha.


Located north of Vancouver Island, Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. For people who are looking for plenty of historical cultures, making the move here will be ideal for them. Heritage sites are abundant and Chinatown is one of the oldest in Canada. Despite being deeply rooted in history, Victoria’s primary export is tech. There are over 900 tech companies packed into the city, which has led to it being dubbed “Tectoria”.

Victoria has something for everyone, and typically attracts people from all over the world. The climate is warmer for most of the year, so is ideal for those looking to start a family. Your children will benefit from a great educational system and amazing opportunities on their doorstep.


If you love wine, you’ll enjoy moving to Kelowna because they’re responsible for 90% of all wine production in British Columbia. As well as fantastic wine, you can enjoy relaxation at the beautiful Okanagan Lake. With the weather being mild, the lake provides plenty of watersports activities all year round. On top of being beautiful and a huge wine advocate, Kelowna has a fantastic infrastructure including education, healthcare, and a thriving entertainment industry. This is why the city is so popular with ex-pats looking for a new way of life.

Moving to British Columbia as an ex-pat will open up fantastic opportunities in a culturally diverse area. With plenty of cities to choose from, you have your work cut out in making a decision. No matter where you go, the views are stunning, and you’ll never struggle for something to do.

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