Flooring Options for Cold Places

Flooring Options for Cold Places 1

If you live in cold places, you are required to use different ways to keep your house warm. Your choice of flooring materials matters. Some types of materials trap the cold and make your home colder. Some other types of materials retain heat for longer, which keeps your home warmer for many hours. 

When you choose the right flooring material for winter, you may require less heating. You will save more energy for heating your home. This could save you more money than you could otherwise have spent on energy. These flooring options are good if you live in cold places.


Cork is an excellent choice when you want to consider green flooring. It is obtained by peeling the barks of cork wood in plantations. In the factory, experts grind the bark, which is then compressed to make beautiful sheets. They then use resin to bond them. Due to this, cork is entirely a green flooring solution. Once removed from the floor, it decomposes into manure that can be used by other plants. 

You can get different shades of cork flooring from Zelta Flooring Toronto. They are flooring experts who provide quality flooring installation with unrivaled features. You will get a chance to choose different unique designs that fits your flooring needs. 

Cork is installed in multiple layers to make it thick and elegant. The multiple layers help trap heat which can keep your home warm even on the coldest days. You will only require minimal heating to keep your entire house warm. Compared to other materials, cork is relatively cheap, yet it gives you the same look as hardwood. 

Solid wood

Solid wood is an excellent option when you want a flooring solution that maintains heat for many hours. One major advantage of solid wood is that it conducts heat and retains it. Heat can travel slowly through the wood to keep your entire house warm. Once the house is well heated using the heating system, solid wood will retain the heat several hours after switching off the heating system. 

Since wood absorbs and stores heat, it can help to cushion your house against significant temperature fluctuations. Wood retains heat for more hours when you add a rug on top. The rag will help keep your feet warm. Wood comes in different options and shades. 

You can choose different types of hardwood like oak, mahogany, and cork. You only need to visit your flooring material supplier and ask them to cut the wood into whatever shape you desire. Unlike cork floors, wood floors are more durable. It gives your house a vintage and luxurious look. 


Before installing a carpet, flooring experts underlay it with heating. Carpets are made of natural materials, which makes them good choices for eco-friendly floors. It is a soft material that absorbs sound while walking. Unlike other flooring materials, you will not hear the sound of the feet as you walk upstairs or in other places in the house. 

Woolen carpets make better choices for flooring in cold places. Its thick fibers help trap heat for many hours. Wool floors help homeowners save the costs of energy. The cost of pure wool carpets is higher. If you have a limited budget, you can choose an option for wool blended with man-made materials. 


Laminate has different options for flooring. It is a good material for absorbing heat and retaining it. Some types of laminate have the maximum heat they can absorb. It is necessary to check with your supplier to the manufacturer. Some types of laminate can only resist temperatures up to a certain level. Some can resist up to 270 Celsius. If the area you give records temperature above 270 C during summer, you should choose a different type of laminate. 


Vinyl is a good option when you are looking for flooring materials that retain heat. You may opt for vinyl planks, ceramic, or porcelain. When it is cold, vinyl retains heat, and when it is hot, it remains cool. The material doesn’t expand. When flooring materials expand too much, it gives you two main disadvantages. They can break due to tension and require replacement sooner. During expansion, the gaps in between enlarge and release heat into the air. This makes the material lose heat faster. 


Good flooring material choice is necessary when you want to keep your home warm during the cold season. You should choose materials that retain heat for longer. Heat retention in flooring materials helps keep your house warm and saves you costs for heating. Good material options for use in cold places are carpet, laminate, wood, and vinyl. Some materials may require the use of underlay material to help them retain heat better. 

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