What Has Fuelled the Rise of Online Casinos in Canada?

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In many parts of Canada, the number of people who play casino games via online casinos is far greater than that of people who play in land based casinos. Great online casinos like PlayAmo Casino allow Canadians to enjoy classic casino games like roulette or blackjack online. Even though there might have been an initial reluctance towards embracing the idea of ​​going from chips to clicks and from dealers to algorithms, online casinos have come a long way now. We will find out why that has happened. Let’s get started. 

Why Are Online Casinos So Popular in Canada?

You can play from anywhere.

This is the main difference that explains the great success of online casinos in Canada. When you want to play in a physical casino, you have to plan the outing, use your car, dress properly, and go around the establishment hoping the tables are good.

At an online casino, all you have to do is turn on your computer, go to the software and you are gone for as much playing time as you want. You have no constraints such as the opening hours of the casino, dress code, the whole nine yards.

Today, online casino sites are very pleasant and ergonomic. Better, they adapt to all kinds of screens. You can therefore play in front of the television, in public transport or during a break at the office. A lot of online casinos and betting companies also became incredibly successful during the testing times of 2020.

You can place small bets

No need to be rich or sacrifice your children’s education savings to play online casinos. Deposit the amount of your choice and choose your betting limits. While in a real casino you can hardly find blackjack tables with low stakes, you can have them available online for pennies per bet. The same thing happens with all casino games: roulette, keno, baccarat, video poker etc.

Better payout rate

The payout rate is the amount given back to players compared to the amount wagered. The difference is equivalent to the money kept by the casino for its expenses and profits.

Obviously, the management of an online casino is less expensive than a land based casino with expenses such as its rent, its maintenance, and its high taxation.

Therefore, virtual casinos offer higher payout rates. This is a great thing to have more chances of winning money or to play for a long time with a small amount invested.

A wide variety of games to play

If gamblers dream of Las Vegas casinos with hundreds of gaming tables, most Canadian casinos are very different. The smallest of them only have a few open tables and only the most popular games take place.

Online, the variety of games is impressive. You have plenty of time to discover games you don’t know and learn how to take advantage of them.

Indeed, one of the other advantages of online casinos is that you have the time to learn in an ideal setting. You could very well use a blackjack strategy board while you play, attempt a roulette martingale, or stop between bets to review the rules or think about the merits of your strategy.

Safe casino operators use high quality software

The most common reluctance to gamble online is related to concerns about the reliability and safety of online casinos. However, you should know that online games of chance are legal in Canada. Each province has legislated and the market has opened with several new casinos.

These legal casinos hold an eCOGRA certification. They are safe and by playing on them you can bet with confidence. Your money is recoverable, does not end up in a tax haven and your personal data benefits from the laws in force.

Why do Canadians enjoy playing using online casinos?

It reduces stress

With the tension that builds up among residents of Canada on a daily basis, gamblers are relieved by the entertainment in online casinos. Therefore, the one-sided claim about the harms of gambling is deeply flawed. Moderate involvement in gambling in a similar way brings significant benefits, which manifest themselves on a psychological level.

If the player checks himself during the bet and realizes that regular wins and casino wins are different things, then the adrenaline rush during the gambling process is helpful: a person feels both excitement and joy. A favourable result during the process of playing cards or slot machines triggers the excitation processes of the central nervous system, the heart rate accelerates and at the same time begins to produce various hormones – endorphins and stress hormones. In addition to adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine enter the bloodstream. As a result, there are feelings of satisfaction and a positive mood.

It might actually make you smarter

Playing in a casino trains the mind, develops resistance to stress, memory, and non-standard thinking in Canadian residents. The dosed hormonal releases activate the brain. As a result, a person trains cognitive functions: memory, attention and logical thinking are actively developed during various combinations of games. The development of non-standard thinking, the creation of your own gambling strategy, the need to make quick decisions – this is what makes online casinos so popular in Canada.

In addition, the possibility of getting rich influences popularity in Canada. There are many stories on the internet of how slot machines have given people big wins. But that doesn’t mean that a big jackpot is only guaranteed to players willing to make big bets. You can play with small bets.

The problem with land-based casinos is that you have to get there before you can play, to travel hundreds of miles. Rather, online casinos offer the availability of their services regardless of time and place, which greatly affects the thinking of betting. In addition, at licensed online establishments, bets can be made by making a minimum deposit, which is unlikely in the case of land-based casinos.

What are the regulations for online casinos in Canada?

Canada has very strict online casino gambling regulations. Businesses are prohibited from having their head office online within Canadian borders. In order to get around this, online casinos found a solution by locating their activities in jurisdictions where online gambling is legal, which is where they offered their services to Canadians. Thus, the majority of game servers are located in the Kahnawake Native Reserve, which is also on Canadian soil. For individual players, they have more rights, they can legally play in an online casino. Canadians are also free to travel, if they are not satisfied with the offers offered on Canadian soil, they can try their luck abroad. But before you play at any Canadian online casino, you have to check the licenses, and it is not always easy.

Who gives the licenses to online casinos in Canada?

In Canada, the licenses for Canadian casinos are given by MGA or Malta Gaming Authority, UKGC or United Kingdom Gambling Commission and KGC or Kahnawake Gaming Commission in Quebec. They are gaming regulators with the right and responsibility to license and regulate online casinos and poker rooms. It is through its gaming commissions that online casino operators can register in Canada. If you want to legally play games at online casinos in the country, take the time to check the sites, they must be licensed from one of them. Only serious and trustworthy offshore companies are authorized by these bodies.

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