Taylor Sheridan: Exploring the Filmography, Biography, and Personal Life

Taylor Sheridan

If you have seen Sicario (2015) and Hell or High Water (2016), you would know who Taylor Sheridan is. An American actor, director, and screenwriter, and the person who wrote the screenplay for both these movies. He has acted in several projects, including ‘Sons of Anarchy’, the FX television series, and won 24 awards and 56 nominations.

Taylor Sheridan and Personal Information

Name – Taylor Sheridan

Born As – Sheridan Taylor Gibler Jr.

Date of Birth – 17th July 1969 or 21 May 1970 (not clear)

Place of Birth – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Height – 5’10 ½ “

Spouse – Nicole Muibrook – Model and Actress

Children – A son

Current Address – Weatherford, Texas

Married – Sep 2013 – present

Relatives – Parnell McNamara

Profession – Writer, Actor, Director, Producer

Taylor Sheridan and List of Awards

Taylor is a known name in the Hollywood industry and a recipient of many awards. He was nominated for Hell or High Water in the Oscars for Best Original Screenplay. He has also been nominated for several prestigious awards, such as the BAFTA, Writer Guild of America, Screen Actors Guild Awards, and many others for original Hell or High Water screenplay. He received 24 awards in various categories for various projects and 56 nominations.

Taylor Sheridan and His Work

Sheridan has been successful as a writer, producer, and actor. As a writer, he has written for 12 movies and TV series, including Yellowstone, Sicario, Wind River, and Hell or High Water. He also has five upcoming screenplay projects, including the Yellowstone sequel.

Additionally, he was a producer or co-producer of nine projects, including Yellowstone. Taylor has acted in almost 23 TV series and movies and was part of Hell or High Water, Yellowstone, NCIS, and Star Trek, amongst many more. All of Taylor’s fans can see him acting in Stage Kiss, which is currently in the post-production stages.

Taylor Sheridan was given $250,000 per episode to work in Yellowstone. He was seen in a total of 8 episodes of the TV series as Travis Wheatley.

Taylor Sheridan And Early Life

There is mixed information on where Taylor Sheridan was born and brought up. Some believe he was born in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, while others state it was a ranch in Cranfills Gap, Texas. Taylor’s father was a cardiologist, and his mother gave him his cowboy look. Taylor’s mother bought a ranch in Cranfills Gap when he was eight. 

During this time, he learned about and adapted the cowboy nature while visiting the ranch in the late 1980s. Sheridan completed his schooling at R.L. Paschal High School, where he was the rare weekend wrangler. He also participated in and learned theater from the same high school.

Post R.L. Paschal High School, Sheridan joined Texas State University but dropped out early to move to Austin. After moving to Austin, he started mowing lawns and painting houses to make a living. During small jobs in the shopping mall, he came across a talent scout who suggested he move to Chicago and pursue acting. Taylor stayed in Los Angeles and New York City as an actor.

Taylor Sheridan And Career

Sheridan started his career with minor TV roles in Veronica Mars, Texas Ranger, and Walker while working in minor movie roles. After he turned 40, he made a shift from being an actor to a screenwriter, with his first project being Sicario. The movie received a 94% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, critical acclaim, and several nominations, including the writers guild of America award.

He later wrote for Comancheria, which got stuck for a few years and was later retitled Hell or High Water. Sheridan was applauded for his excellent work as a screenwriter and received nominations in some of the most prestigious awards, such as the BAFTA, Academy Awards, and Golden Globe Awards.

Since then, Sheridan has acted, produced, written, and directed many films and TV series. He even helped one of his friends with a low-budget horror movie as a director but did not consider it his directorial debut. 

Taylor Sheridan And Upcoming Series – Lioness

Sheridan is no longer just a screenwriter but has become a TV network in himself. He is the reason for some famous and popular TV shows, including 1823, Yellowstone, to name a few. Taylor is currently busy writing his new TV show, Special Ops: Lioness, which includes some excellent TV industry names such as Nicole Kidman, Morgan Freeman, and Zoe Saldana.

The show is inspired by an actual US Military program and is set to be released on Paramount + on 23rd July 2023.

Taylor Sheridan’s Net Worth

With his hard work and dedication, Sheridan has built himself a fortune. As a screenwriter, actor, producer, and director, he has a net worth of $15 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. He has worked in Hollywood since the mid-90s and made most of his earnings through the screenwriter’s profile.

His major deals are with ViacomCBS, the owner of Paramount. He signed his second deal with the company last year for a whopping nine-figure range, which means at least a minimum of $100 million. The agreement includes multiple projects under various stages of development, including some of the already developed or airing projects.

Taylor Sheridan’s Production Company And Personal Purchases

Sheridan owns Bosque Ranch Production, named after Cranfills Gap in Bosque County, Texas, where he grew up. It is Taylor’s production company. Sheridan has also purchased Ranch 6666, used in producing his TV series Yellowstone. It is assumed that he bought the ranch for $320 million in a group purchase and now is a part owner. The ranch was initially listed for $341 million for sales.

The four-sixes ranch is built on 2,505 acres and is a real-life working cattle ranch, as seen on the sets of Yellowstone. The ranch also has a kitchen, a great room, a back and front porch, a yard, and a helipad. The ranch may also be used for the upcoming Yellowstone spinoff, 6666 production that is under production. Sheridan owns two other Ranches in Texas.

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