Ohsweken’s Jason Hill Scores Top Burger With Burger Barn

Jason Hill

When Jason Hill’s Burger Barn appeared on the Food Channel’s “You Gotta Eat Here,” it turns out the program’s title was a great tourist tip, a delicious morsel of inside information.

When you find yourself exploring Canada’s most populous First Nations territory, or traveling anywhere in southern Ontario, you’ve definitely got to sample a Classic Stacker, or any of Jason’s other towering grilled creations.

Probably the best explanation of how Jason Hill created such a dreamy burger is that he always dreamt of building a better burger. And as a serial entrepreneur, he has a habit of actively making his dreams real.

After all, Burger Barn is just one of many businesses he’s established in his hometown of Ohsweken and surrounding communities. The first were convenience and specialty stores, then a wholesale confectionery store, a construction company and a fuel stop servicing local motorists and commercial truckers.

Before that, Jason was an industrial painter. But the punch-clock lifestyle was not for him. Nor would it provide security for his growing family, he realized. He chose the excitement and independence of entrepreneurship.

As a man of insatiable appetites, it was perhaps inevitable that he would soon find himself in the restaurant business, and that his eatery would merit worldwide exposure on a popular television show. And it was also probably inevitable that he would put his own unique stamp on the burger business, adding a wide range of hometown specialties to his expansive menu.

Burger Barn’s cuisine is a special fusion of native recipes and Southern-style comfort food. The gourmet burgers are center stage, but  patrons also love the Indian tacos, chicken wings, ribs, homemade pies and all-day-breakfast offerings.

There are creative, and often whimsical, special menu items as well. For example, Jason occasionally features what he calls an “Innit & Out Burger,” inspired by the world-famous California burger franchise. It comes with  two ground beef patties topped with American cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and of course a secret sauce.

But perhaps the real secret sauce at Burger Barn are the core values that Jason brings to the business. It’s his pledge to the community and customers alike, and he posts them prominently:

Quality: Our chef carefully selects only the freshest market ingredients to create our featured offerings and seasonal specialties. 

Value: Fair prices and generous portions ensure you won’t leave hungry. Weekly specials add to the savings, and patrons never pay a sales tax in Six Nations of the Grand River.

Variety: We’re famous for our burgers, but there are many other options to satisfy every craving. There’s something on our menu for every taste.

Service: Burger Barn features Six Nations hospitality, with the warmth, attentiveness and friendliness that will make every visit a memorable one.

Community: Burger Barn is a business of, by and for the people of Six Nations. We are deeply rooted in our community. We honor its heritage, live its values, and welcome all to dine with us.

Burger Barn opened its doors in 2011 and doubled its seating capacity four years later. When the pandemic struck, the restaurant took to the road with a small fleet of Burger Barn food trucks. Today it’s a central gathering spot for many of the 12,000 residents who live in towns with names like Beavers Corner, Longboat Corners, Medina Corners, Millers Corner, St. Johns, Smith Corners, Smoothtown, Sour Spring and Stoneridge.

Within driving distance of Toronto, Burger Barn is a must-try experience for urban residents and tourists, too — a delicious discovery for anyone traveling alongside the Grand River, through a beautiful Carolinian forest, to this extraordinary First Nations destination. 

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