Larry Weltman, Toronto Real Estate Services Pro: Customer Service Is Job One


For Larry Weltman, success in business is all about customer service. He applies this philosophy in his central role at AccessEasyFunds, a leading name in the real estate commission advance industry in Canada.

The Toronto-based company delivers cash flow solutions for real estate agents by providing them with commission advances. AccessEasyFunds eliminates the agents’ usual long waiting period for commissions on sales by making them available sooner, at affordable rates.

An accountant by training, Weltman played integral roles in the research, development and implementation of AccessEasyFunds’ concept and original business model and helped lead the company’s launch. Beyond that, he has helped implement new technologies in order to better serve its clients. An example of this is AccessEasyFunds’ free mobile app, which helps clients readily access the company’s commission advance services.

Larry Weltman treasures his job description at AccessEasyFunds: customer service representative. On a daily basis, he is responsible for setting high standards in customer service, ensuring that ActiveEasyFunds’ clients receive same-day, high quality funding.

His philosophy is that every business is at heart customer-service-centered, so it’s not surprising he’s passionate about providing clients with personal, diligent and proactive care. He also brings this guiding philosophy to his venture, Weltman Consulting, which specializes in comprehensive real estate sales and brokerage consulting services. The company helps clients to draft and modify business plans, manage cash flow and streamline administration.

Larry Weltman established his consulting business when he realized the real estate sales market was undergoing major transitions, shifting toward more independent realtors who take on a majority of the business expenses themselves. In recent years, brokerages have faced escalating expenses by way of compliance requirements, while their cuts of commissions have shrunk significantly as competition has increased.

Weltman Consulting provides realtors and real estate brokerages with consulting services to ensure they are well-equipped with the resources needed to run a successful real estate sales business. From smaller local assignments to large-scale country-wide engagements, Weltman keeps his eye on the goal of providing essential support and superior service in a timely manner.

From his vantage point at the top of the industry, Weltman stays abreast of the latest trends in real estate across Canada. He is a popular go-to source for industry trends.

In a recent interview, Larry Weltman offered his perspective on the phenomenon of delistings and sales declines in the Toronto area market. He believes that a succession of anemic sales figures may in fact be masking fundamental strengths that will prevail over the long-term. He sees pent-up demand from the pandemic providing a price safety net for the market, as successful professionals from throughout Canada and across the globe continue to choose communities in southern Ontario as ideal places to live, work and raise families.

Housing market strength is also being supported by a persistent shortage in dwellings, escalating rents, and the current slowdown in existing housing construction caused by supply chain disruptions, surging construction financing costs and labour shortages, he says.

Larry Weltman advises a clear-headed view of market trends: “An inflationary and escalating interest rate environment does require a sober assessment of the GTA real estate market, but housing and construction will continue to be a solid bet, far into the future. Although irrational exuberance is not warranted, neither is pessimism. Long-term, I have great confidence in where we are going as a region.”

A sober analyst, Weltman is also a born optimist. “Although interest rate increases from the Bank of Canada have given some home buyers second thoughts, moderating and slightly declining prices in many neighbourhoods have kept monthly mortgage costs from soaring,” he says.

“Meanwhile, many builders are telling me that long-planned construction projects are still on the cards. Of course in the short- to medium-term we may likely see further price declines with the current interest rate environment, inflation, and possible looming recession slowing demand for several quarters.”

A graduate of the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, Larry Weltman places a high value on education, including the importance of staying up-to-date on changes and developments in the real estate sales industry. In turn, he also recommends that his clients be properly educated, so they understand the complexities of the market, as well as emerging opportunities.

Larry Weltman routinely publishes articles and other media related to the real estate industry, including guidance for young real estate professionals who are looking to begin their own independent real estate practice. Above all, he is a staunch proponent of treating real estate as a serious business, rather than an investment game. 

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