Kids Are Happy When Learning Computer Skills Online

Kids Are Happy When Learning Computer Skills Online

When you consider how much fun children have when playing video games, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that coding them gives an even bigger thrill. Young kids are sponges when it comes to learning, and they’re naturally drawn to playing and exploring their environment.

Such qualities make them adept at learning languages early on, and learning how to code video games is both a language and a game. Let’s check out what qualities to look for in an online coding course, so your child can enjoy learning computer skills they’ll need in the future.

Learn to Program a Video Game

For starters, the best coding courses teach children how to program a video game they can design and code themselves. It’s hard to imagine a more motivational goal!

If you’ve ever seen the way kids can plop themselves in front of a TV or computer screen and play games for seemingly hours on end, you’ll know their attention span can be captured when they’re having fun. Combining learning with absolute joy is a fantastic way for them to absorb new skills.

Coding Languages That Count

Sometimes computer courses teach coding languages that aren’t really used in the field. They might convey a sense of what coding is like, but the knowledge won’t be as applicable.

The best coding courses teach languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, C+, and C##. When looking for a program that teaches coding for kids in Toronto and the GTA, choose one that features all of the above languages so your child will be steps ahead years from now in school or at their job.

Small Online Classes Work Best

The online and offline classrooms share something in common: it’s best when teachers have only a small group of students to teach at a time. Look for an online coding course with a ratio of four students per teacher max, so kids don’t need to compete with their peers to get their teacher’s attention.

Children as young as seven can learn to code, but they need responsive assistance and guidance, which is hard for teachers to provide when they’re pulled in different directions at once.

Young, Expert Teachers

Teachers must have expertise in their subject matter, so look for a program that hires Computer Engineering and Computer Science undergrad students. Young coding professionals are well-versed in what programming requirements are like in high school and beyond.

Plus, they also know the unadulterated joys of playing video games as children and can relate to what their students are experiencing. It’s better for a kid or teenager to learn from a teacher who matches this profile rather than a more senior coder who shares much less overlap with today’s youth.

Learning the skills that the future needs doesn’t have to be boring for children. Online coding classes that show kids how to use coding languages professionals use today to build apps, websites, and video games are a fantastic way for them to have fun today while readying themselves for tomorrow.

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