Jake Paul: Juicy Things To Know About The Social Media Star

Jake Paul

Nowadays, the name Jake Paul is mentioned quite often in the media. The American is known as a blogger, musician, actor, and professional boxer. The young man’s creativity has repeatedly become the subject of heated debate, but this did not prevent him from gaining the status of owning one of the most popular and highly paid channels on the YouTube platform.

Here Are Some Juicy Facts About Jake Paul

Jake Paul is from Cleveland

Jake Joseph Paul was born in Cleveland, the capital of the American state of Ohio. The biography of the future Internet star began in January 1997. The boy’s parents were US citizens Pamela Ann Stepnik (nee Meredith) and Gregory Allan Paul.

Jake Paul is Logan Paul’s brother

While the younger generation was under the supervision of their mother, a nurse at one of the clinics, their father, who worked as a realtor, raised funds to support his children and wife. When Jake Paul was small, the family lived in the town of Westlake. 

Children’s fun was shared by older brother Logan, who became a showman and host of the Logan Paul and The Official Logan Paul channels.

Jake Paul started with Vine in 2013

Jake Paul began his journey to fame in September 2013. The teenager posted his first photo and video publications on the now defunct mobile application Vine. 

By the time the platform that allowed 6-second videos was closed, the aspiring blogger had millions of subscribers and billions of views. 

Following his brother, who was considered an Internet star, Paul Jr. moved to social networks. In addition to accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, he started a channel on the video hosting site YouTube.

Jake Paul also worked on TV 

Having gained recognition among fans of original videos, Paul decided to try his hand at television. In 2015, the guy, along with actresses Madison Hu, Devore Ledridge and Olivia Rodrigo, found himself on the set of the youth series “Paige and Frankie”, or “Chud Aardvark”.

In 2017, while working on the second season of the sitcom broadcast on the Disney Channel, Jake unexpectedly left the project. The news reported that the actor who played Dirk Mann was asked to do this because of provocative behaviour. Neighbours went public with complaints about crowds of fans and noisy parties disrupting public order and making it difficult to sleep at night.

Paul confirmed the information on Twitter and said that now there is a chance to focus on his personal brand. He directed all his attention to producing videos for the YouTube channel and organising a creative agency that specialises in the production of entertainment materials for teenagers.

Jake Paul tasted mega success in 2017

After spending $1 million in sponsorship on Team 10, the Cleveland native found success. In the spring of 2017, the team, which included Nick Crompton, Chance Sutton, Tessa Brooks, and Ivan and Emilio Martinez, released the single It’s Everyday Bro and a colourful video clip.

Within a month, the authors received more than 70 million views. The song was certified platinum by the RIAA and entered the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Six months later, with the participation of rapper Gucci Mane, a remix of the debut song was made, after which videos from Randy Savage, Cartier Vision, and My Teachers appeared on the Internet, where dance music was organically combined with hip-hop style.

Jake Paul’s Edfluence firm was accused of fraud

In early 2018, Paul launched Edfluence, a service designed to teach young people how to make money online. The course, which cost $7, guaranteed success for every user. People who trusted the blogger were disappointed because they received only a series of superficial tips. The author was accused of fraud and theft of funds.

Jake Paul violated COVID lockdowns

In 2020, when authorities in all countries introduced restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, the blogger violated the regime and threw a noisy party without personal protective equipment. Later, on his social media accounts, he spread the idea that COVID-19 is a fake.

Jake Paul shared a controversial video during the George Floyd riots

When riots related to the murder of George Floyd began in the United States, Jake Paul published a video of a robbery at a shopping centre in Scottsdale. The public and government officials condemned the author and accused him of aiding the looters.

Jake Paul changes his appearance frequently

For the sake of spectacular videos, Paul is ready to experiment with his appearance. He loves to change his hairstyle and grow and shave his facial hair.

Jake Paul was accused of sexual assault

TikTok star Justin Paradise and actress Lolly Reilly accused Jake of sexual assault. In an interview with journalists, the blogger noted that the girls’ words are an absolute lie.

Jake Paul started boxing at the behest of his brother

After this, Logan Paul, who was following his brother’s business, advised him to reboot his career. He invited Jake, who was involved in sports and reached a height of 185 cm, to participate in an amateur white-collar boxing tournament. On the eve of his battle with Deji Olatunji, a master light heavyweight, the young man unveiled his new release Champion.

Having defeated his opponent by technical knockout, the blogger and musician went on tour. For undisclosed reasons, after the tour, he lost like-minded people and colleagues. At the end of 2019, the fight with An Eson Gib became an episode of the fight for the WBO world middleweight title.

Jake Paul’s music career is also a hit

At the same time, the American assembled another team; the video for the composition These Days became a symbol of change. Later, along with the single Fresh Outta London, a video filmed at a friendly party was released on the YouTube channel. After criticism from the city of Calabasas, the blogger, boxer and performer gained national attention.

The song “23” and the video of the same name, which had references to the author’s age, generated positive and neutral reviews. The public liked that the only actor was his own older brother. The composition Dummy, released in October 2020, received its share of virtual applause, but did not make it into any charts.

Jake Paul has dated numerous beautiful women

In Jake’s personal life, gorgeous girls were constantly present. The blogger’s first true love came after meeting Alyssa Violet in 2016. Due to the difference in personalities, the romance was fleeting, and after 15 months the couple announced their separation. After this, the American began to be more attentive to his choice of girlfriends.

In 2018, Erica Costell, a model and singer, appeared on the horizon. Relationships where intimacy was combined with joint creativity also led nowhere. The beautiful American woman was replaced by YouTube star Tana Mongo. The Internet diva jokingly claimed to be the official wife, but the wedding did not take place. 

Following the split, the Cleveland native dated Julia Rose, who changed her Instagram account name to Julia Rose Paul in August 2021, sparking marriage rumours with Jake.

Jake Paul’s 2021 boxing victory was shrouded in controversy

2021 turned out to be a rich year for sporting events for Jake. In February, the blogger dealt with Ben Askren in the first round of the fight via TKO and received a fee of $690k. After this, boxing fans questioned the legitimacy of the match. Rumours of collusion, widespread among professionals, were neither denied nor confirmed by anyone.

The outcome of the battle added to Paul’s confidence in his own superiority, and his wounded pride forced him to enter into controversy with Dana White, the current president of the UFC. The topics for exchange of opinions were the fight with Tyron Woodley, scheduled for August 29, the challenge involuntarily thrown to Jorge Masvidal, as well as the meeting of brother Logan with Floyd Mayweather, who at different times won the WBC, WBO and WBA champion titles.

The fight with Woodley followed all boxing rules and lasted all 8 rounds; Paul won it by a split decision. The winner was dissatisfied with the result, calling it “nonsense” and stating that during the entire fight the opponent hit him only once.

Jake Paul is going to fight Mike Tyson

Jake Paul is about to take his toughest boxing challenge yet as he prepares to square off against the legendary “Iron” Mike Tyson.

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