How to Overcome Rejection Fear and Succeed in Job Interviews with Prof Resume from SkillHub

How to Overcome Rejection

Fear of rejection is a natural element of a job search process. When we apply for a job, we hope our qualifications and experience will help us land it. Yet, when employment is at stake, job seekers worry about being rejected or evaluated as unfit for the job position.

Such fear may lead to anxiety and irrational behavior if not treated properly. Job seekers may demonstrate a pleasing attitude to potential employers and recruiters and agree on less appealing conditions than hoped.

Terry Pratchett once said: “The worst thing you can do is nothing.” This article overviews valuable techniques and tips on overcoming the fear of rejection and gaining more confidence during a job search.

Make a Professional Resume

Fear originates from a lack of confidence. Job seekers may not be sure about their work experience, a list of professional skills, or personal information. One of the best ways to solve this issue is to apply to a professional resume writing Austin like Skillhub.

Benefits of a Professional Resume Writing Service

Expert resume writers know how to optimize and present your best qualities. It does not matter in which career field you excel; there is a resume expert for it. On Skillhub, you may browse the following:

  • Marketing resume examples;
  • IT development examples;
  • Creative resume examples.

Job seekers can be sure that their resumes will look competent for any position, entry or executive level.

Be positive during an interview.

Even if the employer has accepted your resume, it is only part of the job. During an interview, you need to be confident and optimistic. Adrian passed the job application and landed an interview. Yet, during the first round, he felt worried and tried to impress a recruiter as hard as possible.

Yet, despite this, he was invited to a second round, which was much smoother. However, when he returned from an interview – he received a rejection for this position. It is essential to keep inner confidence during the actual interview.

Do not Tie Your Value to the Job Search Results.

Another source of insecurities is a close association between job seekers’ self-value and job search results. People tend to associate the immediate results of their job search with their proficiency. A rejection may enhance negative self-talk.

It is important to remember that professional qualification is unrelated to a single rejection or several. The competition in the job market is fierce, and employers always look for the best option. Refusal does not make you less of a professional.

Reevaluate Failure

Failure reevaluation is a positive practice during a job search. Job seekers should treat rejections not as personal defeats but as learning opportunities. If you get rejected, try to receive as much feedback as possible. Ask the following questions:

  • Why did recruiters reject your application?
  • What can you improve in your presentation?
  • Express appreciation for given feedback.

You will not receive answers to your questions, but you should keep asking. Use the received information to update your job search strategy.

Don’t Overcommit Until You Land The Job

Your application was approved, and the interview was assigned. It is a great success. Yet, you should not over-identify yourself with this position for now. Short-term success may lead to even bitter disappointment.

Treat your job application and interview as possible experience. It may not end successfully, so do not pay much attention. If you imagine yourself as an employee, you should stop this train of thought.

Keep Positive Attitude

It may sound contradictory, but you should keep a positive attitude during the interview process. If you hyperfocus on your resume’s success, you may get nervous and try to be over-pleasing. Therefore, try to make a positive impression and treat it as a networking opportunity. A positive attitude, in general, is a valuable quality during a job search.

Bottom Line

Fear of rejection is a natural aspect of the job search process. Yet, job seekers need to overcome it to get their dream job. One of the best ways to gain confidence in the job search is to apply to a professional resume-writing service like Skillhub.

If you apply for Skillhub, you will receive the highest quality resume anytime. Positive attitude and failure reevaluation are efficient strategies to reduce anxiety.


1. How Can I Stand Out From Other Candidates?

The best way to stand out among other job seekers is to emphasize your best professional qualities. Personal brand building, where you demonstrate your best skills and achievements, is a sure way to stand out in any career.

Tailoring your resume and using ATS optimization will enhance your resume even more. You may apply to professional resume writing services to get the best results.

2. What Are the Most Common Mistakes During a Job Search?

The job search may be challenging at all stages, but avoiding the most common mistakes will help you start more confidently.

First, don’t apply to everything at once. Job seekers must have a clear goal and desire for their job search. Second, don’t be passive. Waiting for the right application may take months or even years before it appears. Build your network and reach for opportunities.

Finally, customize your resume and cover letter. A customized resume for each application has more chances of landing a job.

3. Should I Look for a Better Job If I Have One Already?

It is up to job seekers to decide when they want to change their position. Yet, if you choose to land a new job, it is better to do so while employed. Landing a job while employed will not create gaps in your work experience list. Employers appreciate consistency.

Second, you will still have a stable income which will not allow a new job search to become a race against time. Finally, being a part of the workforce while searching for a job opens excellent opportunities for efficient networking.


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