Frequent Blunders You Need to Avoid While Cleaning Up Water Damages

Water damage is probably the most troublesome situation many homeowners face. The stress of cleaning everything after a burst pipe or a flood will not only take a significant amount of time but also effort. Not to mention, you will also end up making mistakes as you neither have the proper knowledge nor the tools to complete the process effectively. Due to the daunting process, many homeowners end up making some mistakes that worsen the situation. 

The clean-up process of your house after it suffered from water damage is extremely important. If you make mistakes while cleaning up your house, you will end up damaging your house further. To help you with the process, we are writing this article. 

Whether you want to hire a professional water damage restoration company or want to handle the clean-up process all by yourself, here are the common mistakes you should avoid. Without further introduction, let’s get started. 

You Wait Too Long to Start the Process 

The longer you let water sit in your house, the more damage it will cause to the floor, drywall, ceilings, etc. Not to mention, the water clean-up process will also become harder. During the first 24 hours, the flood damage will prove the most destructive. 

If you wait too long to clean the effects of the water damage, you will end up risking the structural integrity of your house. In addition, your house will also suffer from secondary damages which will prove extremely expensive to repair. 

Mildew will start developing within the first 24 hours after your house has been affected by water damage. Hence, the beginning of the restoration process will prove extremely important in terms of removing water from your house. Make sure you contact Robinson Restoration serving all of Seattle, WA if you want professionals to handle such situations. 

You Don’t Take Proper Safety Precautions 

Flooding is extremely dangerous for your house and the people inside. If the water has reached the electric appliances and outlets, you might suffer from severe electrical shocks that can prove life-threatening. As per Hunker, water is a great conductor.

If the pipes of your house are damaged, your risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals, waste, and other toxins will increase. Water will also affect the floors and other surfaces of your house and make them unstable and unsafe. 

In addition, some dangerous debris such as nails, glass, and other materials can hide under the water surface and pose serious threats. 

Once you noticed signs of floods, make sure you and your family members leave the home as soon as possible. After confirming their safety, you can start taking necessary safety measures. 

You Overlook the Details 

Remember that your job won’t be done after removing water from the house. When your house suffered from a flood or water damage, the unseen areas will be most affected. 

If you don’t pay close attention to the potential damages water is capable of causing to your house, you will fail to notice the serious damages until it’s too late. 

Consider contacting a water damage restoration company so that the professionals can clean your house properly. 


These are the common mistakes you should avoid cleaning up water damage. Make sure you contact us if you have any other questions. 

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