Downgrading from macOS Ventura: Why Some Users Prefer Earlier Versions

Downgrading from macOS Ventura

macOS Ventura is the 13th version of MacBook OS. It is the 19th major release of the Mac computer operating system. Apple developed it intending to connect all its devices with one OS. They released their version for iPod and iPad at the same time. To date, many users are not yet comfortable with using the new OS. They report bug issues and compatibility of some Apple apps with Ventura. Already, some users prefer downgrading to an earlier version. It is important to know how to downgrade OS on Mac.

Why some users want to downgrade macOS Ventura

Many Mac users appreciated the new features incorporated in Ventura 13. New users are yet to understand how all the features work. Apple added some of the following tools in Ventura. 

  • Stage Manager
  • Passkeys
  • Clock app with set timer, alarm, and stopwatch
  • Facetime Handoff
  • Mail Follow-up
  • Undo Send Email
  • Copy Text from Paused Videos
  • Improved security features
  • Distraction elimination tools

The tools are excellent and make using your computer enjoyable. However, users have discovered issues that are yet to be resolved by Apple. The issues make some users prefer to downgrade macOS to an earlier version. Ventura allows macOS downgrade, but you need to follow the procedure well. Carefully read the guidelines if you want to downgrade Mac OS Ventura and succeed.

What shortcomings are there in Ventura OS?

Ventura OS has presented an array of shortcomings in its early adoption. Apple is still working on refining the OS, but most issues are yet to be resolved. Some of the issues are:

  • Fast battery drain and lack of customization settings
  • Constant crashes
  • Random WIFI disconnects, including slow internet speeds
  • Issues with the Touch ID
  • Consistent bugs issues and lack of keyboard navigation features
  • Incompatibility with some Apple and third-party apps

Some users have already downgraded Ventura to an earlier version. Many others have considered downgrading. 

How Monterey contrasts with Ventura

Ventura succeeded Monterey, but the two operating systems differ widely in features. Most of Ventura’s features are an upgrade of Monterey’s features. Version 13 comes with additional features that are not there in version 12. Many users have been asking; can you downgrade macOS? The reality is that users can downgrade to earlier versions. Before starting, users must understand how Ventura contrasts with Monterey. 

Mission Control vs. Stage Manager

Monterey has a feature called Mission Control. Its purpose is to stack apps together on the MacBook desktop. It allows users to switch across up to 4 open apps at the same time. Mission Control is missing in Ventura. Instead, the OS has Stage Manager, which is an upgrade of Mission Control. Users can do more with the feature.  

Compatibility with Mac models

Ventura is compatible with Mac models from 2017 and above. If your laptop is older, you cannot upgrade to the new OS. Monterey is compatible with the 2013 and later Mac models. It allows more users to use the operating system and enjoy its features. 

Performance speed

Ventura has many more new features compared to Monterey. They are optimized for the latest M-series chips. Due to the more features, Ventura users might experience a level of slowdown in speed and performance. Users with Intel processors might experience a significant slowdown. This is one of the main reasons some MacBook users want to downgrade macOS. 

Additional features

Ventura came with a wide range of additional features. It’s Metal 3 features have made playing video games more exciting. It has other features like Dictation, Weather, News, and Reminders. These are features that are not present in Monterey. Users seeking to use extra features may prefer Ventura. Users seeking to gain speed and performance may prefer Monterey.

How to downgrade macOS to an earlier version

If you are considering downgrading macOS, pay attention to the following steps. First, you need to decide which version you want to downgrade macOS to. The latest versions are Monterey 12 and Big Sur 11. One of the easiest steps is to use Time Machine. The user must have a Monterey Time Machine backup to perform the task. There are other steps users can follow. 

  • Turn off Find My Mac and Apple ID account features on your computer
  • On your laptop, open System Settings
  • On the panel at the top side, click on Your Name
  • Open iCloud
  • The system might prompt you to enter your password and Apple ID
  • On your computer screen, check the ˃ button and tap on it. 
  • Scroll down to the bottom and click Sign Out.

In the next steps, your macOS will allow you to perform a backup. Time Machine is the easiest way to do backups, although there are other methods. Now shut down your MacBook and then switch it on. Ensure it is plugged into power. 

  • When booting, select Recovery Mode by pressing CMD+5 for Macs with Intel processors
  • For Macs with a chip, long-press the power button, and it starts up
  • Select Recovery Mode
  • Choose Disk Utility and then Erase
  • Confirm Erase and wait until the process is through
  • Click Reinstall macOS Monterey and follow the prompts. 

The process may take a while, depending on several factors. The age of your laptop and the health of your hard disk plays a major role. The macOS has to download from the Apple website. The speed of your internet is crucial when you want to downgrade macOS. It is necessary to learn to use keyboard shortcuts when downgrading. It helps save time by speeding up the command process. Ensure you are secure online during installation to avoid attacks. 


The newest version of macOS is the Ventura 13, which was released in October 2022. Apple added a long list of new features to the OS. Some were an upgrade of Monterey 12 features, but others were entirely new. The OS still has issues that are yet to be dealt with. Due to this, some users are already downgrading the OS to earlier versions. It is easy to follow prompts during the downgrading process. 

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