Does My Choice of Fire Safety Equipment Really Matter?

Does My Choice of Fire Safety Equipment Really Matter

It’s understandable that much of your time and energy is focused on growing the business. As important as that happens to be, there are other aspects of the operation that need serious attention. One of them is the selection of the right type of fire safety equipment. Rather than going with the first extinguishers and other items that you come across, it’s important to invest in reputable selections like Herbert Williams fire equipment. Why does this matter? Here are some basics to consider.

Compliance With Local Safety Regulations and Standards

The fact that a company sells fire safety equipment does not automatically mean that all of it complies with regulations and standards that apply in your area. Before purchasing anything, you need to make sure that everything meets or exceeds those standards. You may have to pass on what appears to be some great pricing in order to buy something that’s actually higher in quality and more likely to work properly if the occasion arises.

Protecting Company Assets and Equipment

As you think about performance, consider what settling for inferior equipment means to the assets and resources found at your place of business. What if those cabinets can’t really protect important documents that you have stored in a file room? Do you really want extinguishers that are not capable of holding back a fire while someone grabs laptops and tablets on the way out of the facility? Are you willing to settle for alarms that have to have completely engulfed in smoke and heat before they sound?

The answer to all these questions is no. You do want equipment that alerts everyone immediately and makes it easier to exit the building safely. You also want to ensure that anything remaining in the building sustains as little damage as possible.

A Better Relationship With the Insurance Company

Have you considered what better equipment means in terms of your business insurance premiums. When your provider smiles on the choice of fire extinguisher brand or the other equipment that you have in place, that could mean a discount on the premiums. Fire safety equipment that reduces the potential for damage translates into the insurance company viewing your business as less of a risk.

The Safety of Your Employees

While the other three factors are important, they pale in comparison to this last point. You want to invest in the best fire safety equipment because it means more protections for your employees. The last thing you want is for any one of them to sustain an injury or possible worse because something failed to function properly.

In the event that a fire should break out, you want the alarms to sound immediately. The signage that directs employees to exit should light up even if the main power source is disabled. Every extinguisher should work perfectly and help hold the flames back long enough for people to get out. Settle for anything less and the results could be tragic.

Don’t take fire safety lightly or as some minor task that has to be done in order to stay in the good graces of the local jurisdiction. Call an expert today and get help coming up with the best equipment and planning for this type of emergency. All it takes is one event and all of your efforts will pay off.

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