Designing a Small Apartment – Annette Frommer Shares Her Tips and Tricks

Designing a Small Apartment
Photo: Judith Hoffman

Just because  your apartment is not huge, does not mean that it has to feel confined, or not to look chic and stylish.  According to interior designer Annette Frommer, “there are many ways to make a small space feel spacious and beautiful too. With the appropriate décor you can maximize the space you have and create a gorgeous home for everyday life and entertainment as well.” She also notes that “the possibilities are endless, in regards to how you can shape your small home.”  

Following are some examples that demonstrate certain space restraints and their creative solutions.

In this instance, the client commissioned Annette Frommer to design a small three-bedroom apartment which was to accommodate a family with children during visits to Jerusalem.

It was very important for the client to maximize the space . “I based the color palette on blue, as the client requested and also incorporated light colored walls and a beige sofa,” explained Frommer. “The symmetry of the space and the harmony of the colors contribute to a general clean look that makes the place feel larger.” 

The elegant vitrine cabinets add visual interest. The drawers provide always needed storage space. The back mirror and glass shelves elevate the look of the room. The brass frames of the armchairs promote a light and airy feel. The minimalism provides elegance, and an uncluttered look and feel that offers a sense of vastness.                                                                           

In this small apartment  the master bedroom is  off  the living area.

Photo: Elad Gonen 

Since this layout was a given and could not be altered, Annette Frommer came up with the creative idea of using reflective mirrors to hide the entrance to the master bedroom suite.  

Reflective mirrors are versatile – they enlarge the sense of space in a room and in this instance, not only do they conceal the entrance to the bedroom, but they also incorporate an integrated TV screen.  This saves the need for a TV console. The result is a perfectly dashing space that feels larger. The entrance to the bedroom is discreetly camouflaged, as is the TV. The large mirror lights the room and acts as a focal point as well.

 Photos: Judith Hoffman 

Another great way to design a small space is to include wood paneled doors which can be gorgeous elements within themselves. Exquisitely crafted paneled doors, when closed, can fully disguise the entrance to a hallway and sleeping area.  This stunning feature enhances the overall ambience and look of an apartment, as can be seen in the photos above.

To conclude 

A small apartment can be just as gorgeous as a grand mansion.  Keep clutter at bay, opt for cool colors so that the room feels open and airy, use a  neutral color scheme , make sure the room is well lit, use reflective surfaces when possible, go for plain upholstery, and – most importantly – enjoy!

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