Best Universities to Study Finance in Canada

Best Universities to Study Finance in Canada

An education in finance from top Canadian colleges is a great way to open the door to new careers. The best schools in Canada provide undergraduate and graduate programs to help any student achieve their career goals. If you are taking time to look for post-secondary colleges in Canada for finance, we have a list of some leading options. Here, you can learn about the programs these colleges offer, along with tuition fees and any general requirements for being admitted.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered for admittance into an undergraduate program at these colleges, students will have to hold a high school diploma with a decent GPA. For certain programs at most colleges, there may also be some mathematics classes that must be completed to be accepted into any higher education finance program. Admission can be quite competitive for colleges focusing on management and finances, so those with top grades will receive preference. Some colleges will also consider involvement in extracurricular activities when choosing who gets accepted. Any student whose native language is not English will have to show proof of language proficiency. 

If you are seeking acceptance into a graduate program at Canada colleges, a four-year degree is required first. Students must have this in a related subject and a minimum GPA of 3.0 will be required at the best universities. Those that wish to pursue graduate programs in economics will have to have completed calculus, micro and macroeconomics, as well as statistics courses. Some Canadian colleges will also require students to take the GRE and pass with a minimum score. 

“Your educational experience will pave the way to a lucrative career when attending these prestigious colleges in Canada. Finance majors have many opportunities to study and new job openings are always available,” – explains Sarrah Hill, the writer at PapersOwl who specializes in higher education. “A finance degree from these Canadian colleges can lead to landing a well-paying job in finances or accounting.”

1. University of Toronto, Ontario

Finance majors will find a great list of programs offered at the University of Toronto and can complete undergraduate and Canada postgraduate options. The bachelor’s program fee is revised every year to ensure pricing is competitive. The first-year tuition fee averages $60,490 CAD. If entering the Canada master’s program, the cost will range from $54,640 to $109,500 for the whole program.

Founded in 1827, this school is one of the best for finance majors and the Master of Accounting and Finance Program includes finance business and accounting disciplines. As one of the best colleges in Toronto, classes are held at the Scarborough Canada campus. Those looking to obtain a four-year degree will also have access to top classes and professors.

2. University of B.C.

This is one of the best universities in Canada and is a leading research school. It is connected with many government institutions as well as communities that serve students. The University of British Columbia offers a special school for students studying accounting and finance. This is the Sauder School Business and programs include courses that cover taxation, financial reporting, business operations, as well as auditing. 

Students will be able to participate in a Co-op program where they can benefit from paid job experiences. This is a great advantage and helps to prepare graduates for the next step in their financial careers. The graduate and undergraduate offerings at Sauder in Canada are quite diverse and most students who graduate go on to have a lucrative career. The programs here will prepare students for some of the best jobs in the commerce industry, from investment banking to personal financial advisors. The Canadian tuition fee can range from $41,116 to $53,254 per year for bachelor’s studies and the MA option will cost $25,871 per year.

3. McGill University

When it comes to university ranking, McGill is one of the best colleges in Canada. Whether you are seeking a profession in business administration or international economics, there are many programs offered. This Canadian school offers undergrad programs with majors in finance or accounting. McGill  also has a one-year graduate program for an MA or MMF. As for the tuition fee, the MMF program will cost $25,662. McGill’s MA program has a tuition fee of $9,330 or $12,862 and BA programs cost between $26,500 and $56,544 per year.

4. Queen’s University

At this university, located in Kingston, Ontario, Canadian students and those from other countries can get a BA in Economics or an MA in Economics. The college also offers a one-year Master of finance or a 13-week Accounting Graduate diploma. Fees will range from $16,500 for the Graduate Diploma to $71,595 for a Master of Finance. 

Queen’s is a top ranked school in Canada that features more than 125 programs. It offers a research-intensive environment that will equip graduates with a wide range of skills to be successful in today’s markets. 

5. York University

York University is located in Toronto, Canada and offers BA programs in economics, Bcom, specializing in Finance, and a one-year Masters of Finance program for Economics. If looking for tuition fee information, you can expect finance programs here to range from $32,501 to $80,150. This Canadian college hosts over 10,000 students from different countries and 94% of all graduates get a job within 2 years.


Whether you are a student from Canada or those from other countries, these leading colleges offer amazing graduate programs for financing accounting and business management. Anyone that wants a job in the financial sector will learn everything they need to know and can even get on-the-job training through Co-op programs. Canada is known to be home to some of the world’s top universities and these are just a few options available. 

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