Ben Affleck: One Of Hollywood’s Biggest Stars

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is one of Hollywood’s premier actors. He has appeared in some big Hollywood movies like Armageddon, Good Will Hunting, Pearl Harbor, Argo and Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Aside from being a prolific actor, Ben Affleck has been quite prolific in his personal life as well. In this post, we will take a detailed look at his numerous girlfriends, marriages, and divorces. Let’s get started.

Ben Affleck: His Numerous Relationships

Ben Affleck’s dating history is extremely long and in order to keep this article of readable length, we will only cover the most popular names that he has dated. 

Gwyneth Paltrow

In 1997, Affleck began dating Gwyneth Paltrow, who at that time had just broken up with Brad Pitt. The couple has long been considered an example for others in Hollywood, but the relationship did not go far. On the set of Shakespeare in Love, Paltrow began an affair with the leading actor, Joseph Fiennes. Affleck once caught his colleagues together, after which he broke off the relationship, despite Gwyneth’s assurances that it was only a rehearsal.

Jennifer Lopez

The Hollywood rumour mill was abuzz with talks about Ben Affleck being in a relationship with stars like Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, and Famke Janssen. But in 2002, on the set of the film Gigli, Affleck began an affair with Jennifer Lopez. The lovers set a wedding date, but broke up four days before the ceremony. Affleck later said that the relationship with the pop diva exhausted him so much that he could not find the strength to act in films.

Jennifer Garner

After Ben Affleck’s relationship with “Jenny From The Block” came to an end, he found Jenny from another block. Ben Affleck’s next girlfriend was popular actress Jennifer Garner, with whom he starred in Pearl Harbor and Daredevil. In 2005, the actors secretly got married in the Caribbean, and at the end of the year, their daughter Violet Ann was born. Later, the couple had two more children – daughter Serafina Rose Elizabeth and son Samuel.

Why did Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck divorce each other?

After 10 years of marriage, the couple announced a divorce; official papers arrived in court only in April 2017. It took another year for the divorce to legally take place. The media mentioned the reasons for family feuds – the actor’s infidelity with his own children’s nanny and addiction to alcohol.

Garner couldn’t stand her husband’s love of gambling. Ben once lost $350k at the California State Poker Championship Sunday. The ex-wife, like Ben, renounced her property claims, and the issue of child custody remained open. Jennifer was not ready to leave the heirs alone with their father, who had not recovered from alcoholism, but she also did not intend to interfere with communication.

Ben Affleck’s drug and alcohol problems

Affleck found solace in the company of producer and mother of three daughters Lindsay Shookus. The woman helped the actor overcome his craving for alcohol, twice placing the movie star in a drug treatment clinic, but the efforts were in vain, and Lindsay left. Then Ben’s chosen one was Shauna Sexton, a Playboy model who was half Affleck’s age. In the fall of 2018, this relationship came to an end. Ben Affleck put his health first and committed to visiting a psychologist with Garner in order to maintain a normal relationship and not traumatize the children. In October 2018, Ben Affleck was discharged from another clinic.

Ana de Armas

In the spring of 2020, it became known that Ben Affleck was dating Cuban-Spanish actress Ana de Armas. They met on the set of the film “Deep Waters” and kept their romance a secret for a long time. Ben’s intentions regarding his new girlfriend were serious, as he introduced his chosen one to his children and mother. They also spent time together during quarantine and actively posted photos together on social networks.

One of the “viral” photos was a photo of a couple walking together during the period of anti-Covid restrictions. The lovers were wearing masks, but Affleck was smoking through his mask. Photos of the actor smoking in a mask immediately spread across the Internet, collecting a lot of comments like “Mood: Ben Affleck” and turning into a meme.

Why did Ben Affleck break up with Ana de Armas?

The artists’ relationship did not last long, and the couple broke up in January 2021. The initiator of the breakup was Ana, who informed her ex-lover about the breakup over the phone. The actress no longer wanted to be in Los Angeles, while Ben had to stay there, with his children.

Immediately after this, Ben decided to get rid of all the things that reminded him of his failed relationship. He threw into the trash a life-size cardboard cutout of de Armas that he had been given as a gift a few months before the event.

Reunion with Jennifer Lopez

In May 2021, the tabloids were full of loud headlines reporting that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez had spent a vacation together. First, the couple attended the Vax Live charity music festival, and then went to a ski resort in Montana. The media clarified that Affleck owns his own chalet on this territory. Previously, the singer and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez broke up. This led to speculation among the public that Ben and Jennifer were dating again.

In July, on the day of her 52nd birthday, Lopez posted a photo of her and Affleck kissing on her Instagram account. Thus, the celebrity confirmed the rumors about the affair.

In December, Ben Affleck said in an interview with Howard Stern that his marriage to Garner was the reason for his alcoholism. The actor felt unhappy, but because of the children he could not leave, finding himself in a “trap.” He found salvation in alcohol, now admitting that this was not the best decision.

Fans of the Affleck-Lopez couple were happy to learn about the engagement of their idols in the spring of 2022. Jennifer Lopez showed subscribers the ring given to her lover. Both did not want to force things because they did not want to lose a second chance at a happy marriage.

Did Ben Affleck marry Jennifer Lopez?

In July, TMZ, citing its sources, reported the wedding of Lopez and Affleck. This was verified by Jennifer Lopez as well. The ceremony took place in Las Vegas, and after that, the celebrity took her husband’s last name and became Jennifer Lynn Affleck.

A year after the wedding, the Hollywood couple moved into a new house. The mansion, located in Beverly Hills, cost the couple $60.85 million. The family home included its own sauna, hairdresser, cinema, sports complex, and 12 bedrooms. The area of ​​the personal plot is 2 hectares.

The singer wanted to improve her husband’s relationship with his ex-wife, thinking, first of all, about his children. And she was so successful in this that Affleck began to spend more and more time in Garner’s house. However, the paparazzi caught the couple and together, for example, pictures of Ben and her hugging in the car were made public. Lopez, the tabloids wrote, put forward strict conditions regarding this communication. They wrote that Lopez even contacted Garner, asking her to limit contact with Affleck.

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