Things You Should Never Do on Social media

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Social media have become very necessary in our lives. You check your social media account every time you wake up or before going to sleep, at work, in the middle of the night, everywhere! Eventually, we get attracted to many interesting things but somethings might rub us on the incorrect path. You might feel angry or confused whenever you see a commercial brand post controversial news or data. Similarly, if you make a mistake, people might get offended. It is just like an embarrassing picture or posts of yours which you might forget after some time but there is always someone who remembers it. So, the next time you log in to your social media accounts, check the below guidelines as per to ensure that you never do them on social media.

Make random posts

When you post any comment or video on your social media network, the most significant factor is that your key message is sensible and coherent. Similarly, we would never advise you to be actively present in every social media network and aim at posting dissimilar content on every account. The most appropriate way to handle social media effectively is to choose a platform that suits your requirements the most and helps you in building a content strategy to get the most out of it.

Ignoring the audience

If comments made by your followers bother you and devoting time to every comment seems tedious, why indulge in social media networking at all? This is one mistake many people do in social media i.e., not answering any query raised by their followers. You must appreciate and understand your followers by providing them with critical information regarding your project or previous messages.

Automating your social media management

Automating or scheduling posts and other social network functions is a great tool however, that cannot replace your communication completely particularly in social media platform. Users generally expect to get a personalised response and by abusing their request through the automatic tool, communication between you and your followers might get reduced with time.

Treating every social network in the same pattern

Although most of the social networking sites run on the same basis and have common characteristics, it is obvious that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are not the same. For instance, Instagram posts need to be original and virtually attractive while on Twitter, every tweet of yours needs to be attached with a hashtag. Therefore, we recommend that you should not treat every social media network in the same pattern.

Post-low-quality content

Writing blog posts or article which means nothing to the audience must be avoided strictly. While writing them, you need to be very creative and engaging besides offering added value for your audience. It will be best of you to stop posting something meaningless as it can damage your brand name immensely making your followers unfollow you.

Ignoring statistics

Social media sites generate various kinds of metrics that let users get knowledge about whether or not everything is going according to the plan. The metrics help in confirming if the strategy followed is working or not. With all this data, you will get to know when more interactions can be generated, which posts had made the most impact and where the audience comes from.

Speaking badly about competitors

In the current competitive market, we all have to face competition and stand out against all in our sector to gain market leadership. Though, it is unjustifiable to use social media sites for spreading negative messages regarding work competitors. While doing so, it will look as if we lack sensitivity and fair competition that might disrupt our market position adversely.

Sharing fake news

Just like spreading the bad word about competitors is unhealthy for a brand, publishing articles with fake content or redeployment of bad links or any offensive comment can destroy the brand image. Thus, we recommend giving critical attention to all the sources you have used for writing purpose or while making a social media post. Do not trust sites that are non-credible or look malicious. Sharing bad comment or fake news on social media sites will detract followers from your profile too.

Carry tests to make positive changes

Just like our society evolves constantly and in an accelerated manner, so does social networking sites. Thus, your profile must be updated at regular intervals both in terms of communication strategy as well as in designs. For such, you need to carry some tests to understand which change has made a positive impact on your profile. You can try with different experiments, schedules or with a different kind of content such as video’s and texts to see which posts work best for you. Modify the number of words and characteristics to analyse post impacts while doing routine tests.

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